CHAOS IN CANADA: Father faces prison for mistreating his daughter

Perhaps transgenderism should be renamed trending genderism due to its growing popularity, particularly among vulnerable youth.

Sex reassignment treatments occur at an astonishing rate in the United States, but at an unprecedented rate in Canada—which isn’t all that surprising, considering Canada tends to come out on top.

An anonymous Canadian father recently joined Glenn Beck to tell the tragic story of how his elementary-aged daughter was told she was a boy in the British Columbia public school system.

“They adopted a program here called SOGI 1 2 3,” he tells Glenn, which was marketed as an “anti-bullying program” but was really a way for school staff to tell kids, “You can… “You can be gay, you can be lesbian, you can be bisexual – all the letters in the LGBTQ alphabet.”

“She had mental health issues,” he explains, “but the school decided we were going to make her be transgender.”

But his daughter was not the only victim.

“They felt they could deal with all of children’s mental health issues just by making them transgender,” he says.

Unfortunately, the school system was only the beginning of the indoctrination.

“At one point, you know, my daughter went to a psychologist, [and] I thought that was great; This person will fix it.”

But instead of addressing the root cause of her health problems, the doctor, like so many, said, “confirm, confirm, confirm.”

“And the next thing you know, my daughter went to BC Children’s Hospital,” where “she was supposed to be pumped full of testosterone on her first visit.”

The consent form, which he describes as a document that “doesn’t mean much,” clearly described “all irreversible changes,” including “muffled voice, increased hair growth…”

And “sterilization,” Glenn adds.

Perhaps most troubling is the fact that the consent form specifically stated that “the medical effects and safety of testosterone are in fact not fully understood and there may be long-term risks that are not yet known,” the father claims.

Simply put, they boldly admit that they experiment on children. But of course they call it “care.”

Although this father did not sign the consent form, BC Children’s Hospital sent him a letter saying, “We do not need your consent; “We’re going to give her testosterone anyway,” under the Infants Act, a Canadian law that says children can consent to their own medical treatment as long as a medical professional believes the treatment is in the child’s best interests.

But the horror doesn’t end there.

After filing a petition in British Columbia’s provincial court, he became embroiled in a legal battle that resulted in “five years in court” where he was told to “mistreat himself.” [his] Daughter…would be considered family violence.”

When he refused to go along with the deception, an “order of protection” was issued against him, allowing him to be arrested “without a warrant” if anyone believed he was misrepresenting or affirming his daughter.

And yet somehow things get even worse. To hear the full story, watch the clip below.

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