Chapter 4: Robbed us of a fight scene involving Keanu Reeves and a snowmobile

John Wick Chapter 4

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A producer of John Wick: Chapter 4 revealed that the new film, while containing almost as much combat as dialogue, almost contained a scene of Keanu Reeves wielding nunchucks on a snowmobile.

Erica Lee, who served as producer for the fourth installment in the action franchise, spoke about the discarded scene in an interview with SlashFilm. Lee said the scene was one of many she and director Chad Stahelski dreamed up during the film’s development, and it would see Reeves’ title character boarding the snow vehicle along the slopes of Japan. “Chad and I were having lunch one day and he said, ‘I’m thinking about Japan. I’m thinking nunchakus and snow,” Lee recalled of her early conversations with Stahelski.

“‘Have you seen what you can do with snowmobiles these days?’ And I was like, ‘Okay, we have a movie.'” Though the audience was ultimately robbed of a meaningful but chilling sequence, Lee said the idea was enough to “get the wheels turning [Stahelski‚Äôs] Brain spinning.” She continued, “We were on our way to the races at that point.”

As for why the scene was left on the cutting room floor, Lee said the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic gave her and Stahelski additional time to assess which fight sequences would be most practical for the film — which it managed , squeezing 140 of Wicks kills within his 169-minute running time. “Then there was COVID, but the good or bad thing about that was that it also gave us a little more time to develop the script and work on it,” Lee said. “In between we had a little more time than usual.”

While the somewhat bizarre choice of combat vehicle may not have shown up at the record-breaking box office chapter 4, Elsewhere in the interview, Lee teased that a snowmobile will be involved in some way Ballerina, the upcoming spin-off starring Ana de Armas. The Blond The actress will portray an assassin seeking revenge on the people who murdered her family, with a release date slated for either summer or spring next year.

Reeves will have a cameo appearance Ballerina, this is one of two spin-offs currently in the works. the continental, A three-part prequel miniseries that searches the hotel for assassins Wick patronizes in the films will premiere in September, with a cast that includes the likes of Mel Gibson, Colin Woodell and Peter Greene. Chapter 4: Robbed us of a fight scene involving Keanu Reeves and a snowmobile

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