Charter guests below deck who have made a fool of themselves

Bravo is popular Under deck The series hosted all imaginable guests on the yachts of the franchise. From charter guests with inappropriate questions and behavior to relaxed and reserved vacationers, this show really has seen it all.

For example, some guests overdid it when they were served copious amounts of alcohol. Yes, literally, as first seen in Below Deck Season 8 our spirit animal a charter guest named Delores. Weirdly enough, this quick method of getting off a yacht made a second appearance in Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under. Here, Brandon and Kristyl’s drunken late-night hop took center stage, angering the crew in the process.

The behavior of the charter guests was mostly bland, with little touches of ferocity here and there. Luckily, the ubiquitous camera crews are always on board, capturing all of those moments in real-time for viewers to watch (and silently judge) later. Here are a few of those spooky moments, particularly the Below Deck charterers making fools of themselves aboard the various opulent yachts.

The Whiskey Wimps


Michael Durham came on board Below Deck Season 9 with some of his peers. He stated that he had “a penchant for good whiskey” but also noted his urge to “let loose” on his preference sheet. By the time they reached the yacht, Michael’s group had three sides to the wind. It later turned out that they had previously drunk a whole bottle of Tito’s.

Justin Richards, one of Michael’s colleagues, asked for a thermos for his bourbon. He also made aggressive statements from the start. When offered a cold towel, he replied, “I’m going to hit someone with a towel.” During a tour of the yacht, Justin told fellow Terri that he was going to throw her “down the friggin’ stairs.”

At the end of the tour, Chief Stew Heather Chase instructed the group to “come this way”. Justin replied, “I’ll do whatever I want.” Justin continued drinking for the next few hours, demanding tequila at a fancy whiskey tasting. His group backed away, prompting Justin, like a toddler, to head down to the swim deck to dine alone.

In addition, his anger was directed at the crew when they attempted to de-escalate his behavior. To Heather, Justin replied, “No, fuck yourself, throw yourself off the boat.” Then Eddie Lucas intervened and everyone involved was put to bed. The next morning, in the presence of Michael, Captain Lee Rosbach chastised Justin, telling her to “pull yourself up.”

They did, but they were such drunk charters that the crew could still be heard partying after leaving, reliving that it had to be done.

“Happy Times”


Roy Orbison Jr. is a twice-recurring guest on Below Deck Mediterranean, but it wasn’t until his second appearance in Season 6 that he completely embarrassed himself. At dinner, a drunk Roy began saying, “happy times“I drank everything he could get my hands on.” Roy began slurring, and the production added hysterical, garbled subtitles to accommodate his attempts at speech. He also made a mess in the bathroom, which his friend had to inform the crew about so it could be cleaned.

Aside from that, Roy was charming, never threatening or pushing boundaries, making it easy for the crew to laugh at his “lucky times” antics. His family might as well, for the most part, but it’s likely Roy winced a little himself at the sight of their charter.

Fingerprints on Captain Lee’s A**


Charter guests Helen Hoey and Richard Fiore made their second appearance below decks in season seven, shortly after coming on board in season six. After receiving tall glasses of wine and a tour of their new yacht, Helen and her friend Kelly ventured onto the bridge to invite Captain Lee over for dinner.

Immediately both women put their hands on the captain, one stroking his back and the other stroking his arm. “He is Captain Zeus” they explained while chuckling as Captain Lee calmly declared that he was “flattered”. Kelly’s hand then moved south and landed on Captain Lee’s butt. “I mean, I have more fingerprints on my butt than the FBI,” he joked in a confessional filmed later.

Had the roles been reversed, there would have been more than nervous laughter and scathing remarks. So we can’t help but hope that Helen and Kelly cringe at her behavior while watching this sober.

The low (but big) hit of McDonald’s

Eunice Wong/Instagram

Entrepreneur Karim Gharb and his bitcoin mogul friend Eunice Wong gave the crew of Below Deck Down Under an uphill battle in Season 1. Karim was a head turner and asked Chief Stew Aesha Scott to redecorate his cabin as the accessories weren’t to his liking. “If you’re that guy, buy your own damn yacht!” Aesha exclaimed in a confessional.

However, it was Eunice who brought out the greatest scare factor. Still, I’m not mad because her disgust was directed at chef Ryan McKeown, who was in need of a proper humiliation. After her first bite of lunch, Eunice grimaced in disgust and asked, “Can I have McDonald’s?” At dinner, Ryan served raw fish, to which Eunice asked, “Can you just get me some scrambled eggs?”

Watching these nouveau riche charters pretend they have good taste by criticizing everything was chilling. They definitely made a fool of themselves on the show, but again, Eunice’s behavior was at least purposeful.


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