Chase: Two-year-old Texas girl dies after dad takes her out of daycare, attacks mom, leads authorities in pursuit

HOUSTON– A two-year-old Texas girl died Monday after her father grabbed her from daycare, assaulted her mother at her work, and then led authorities in a chase that ended in a standoff, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, deputies first took a call around 10:15 a.m. Monday about a disturbance in the family and the little girl.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the man then went to a nearby retail store where the child’s mother works and confronted her, asking for her phone and passcode and threatening to hurt the child.

The mother complied and tried to save her daughter, but couldn’t, according to Gonzalez.

The suspect allegedly slapped the mother in the face multiple times and walked off with her cell phone before driving away in a red Camaro, prompting a chase with MPs.

Deputies said that at some point during the chase, the mother was able to FaceTime the suspect in an attempt to get him to stop, but was unsuccessful.

The car eventually came to a stop at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church near Stuebner Airline and Veterans Memorial, sparking a standoff. Officers surrounded the vehicle and pulled in after about 20 minutes. The toddler was carried out of the car by authorities, and then the driver was pulled out to be taken into custody.

Gonzalez theorized that the child may not have been wearing a seat belt and may have jumped around the car during the chase, possibly hitting her head.

The child was “severely injured” after the chase, according to Gonzalez. An air ambulance was then called to the scene to transport the toddler to the hospital, but the child was pronounced dead hours later.

WATCH: Sheriff updates on standoff with persecution suspect who ‘seriously injured’ his child

A woman who witnessed some of the events at the scene said she was hit by the suspect in the vehicle.

“I was sitting at the traffic light at Kuykendahl and FM 1960. There was a car in front of me and I saw the police trail coming,” said Sandra Friends. “I’m trying to get over it and all I feel is a car pulls me sideways.”

“He backs away after hitting me and walks through the light and all I see is the police following him,” she continued. “I end up just stopping to call 911.” Chase: Two-year-old Texas girl dies after dad takes her out of daycare, attacks mom, leads authorities in pursuit

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