Chieftain of House of the Dragon breaks season one’s stunning finale

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This article contains spoilers for the house of the dragon season finale

house of the dragon The first season ended with a chomp that will have huge consequences for Westeros. Despite being usurped in favor of the drunken rapist Aegon, Rhaenyra spent the episode trying not to rush to war. To this end, she sent her sons on dragonback to the Lords, who swore allegiance to her early in the season, with Jace heading to the Vale and Winterfell while the younger Lucerys headed to Storm’s End.

Unfortunately, Aemond and his Godzilla-sized dragon, Vhagar, got there first, and Lucerys was forced to flee through a rainstorm after Aemond claimed his eye. Lucerys’ arrax was like a sparrow pursued by an eagle, though he valiantly tried to destroy the larger dragon. Aemond lost control of Vhagar, the dragon took a fateful bite and destroyed Lucerys and Arrax, causing their remains to spiral into the ocean.

When the episode ended, Rhaenyra received the tragic news and glared into the fire before turning around with a frighteningly determined look on her face. It’s war!

Now showrunner Ryan Condal has revealed in an interview with how much thought went into that final moment diversity.

I have a few favorite moments in the episode, but this one ranks high. The very last action line of the script was “Rhaenrya looks up and war is in her eyes.” That was in the first draft of this script. That was always the plan for the end of the season, because after all this internal debate Rhaenyra goes through over the course of the episode, everything changes the moment she finds out about the betrayal in Storm’s End and her son’s death.

The end of House of Dragons
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Although it seems like an easy shot, the reality was anything but.

“Emma is a superhero, I have to say. But we shot that scene almost all day. It’s a scene that has to be prepared and rehearsed. We probably only shot it a few times because it took hours to actually set it up. There’s a lot going on: who raises the drink, all these little things that seem like random coincidences are very perfectly planned. Daemon arrives at Rhaenrya just as the framing falls into place. It’s a complex dance. So we rehearsed almost the whole day. I think we probably did three or four takes of it. And Emma, ​​man, did they do it. Just unbelievable.”

Just like game of Thrones‘ Season finale, we’re now desperate to find out what happens next. How will Alicent react when he discovers that Aemond has shed royal blood? Daemon was already itching to run into battle, but this will likely push him over the edge. And you have to imagine that Jace will swear bloody vengeance on Aemond.

The second season won’t go into production until mid-2023, so expect that house of the dragon to return in the summer of 2024. It will be a painful wait. Chieftain of House of the Dragon breaks season one’s stunning finale

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