Chips and Bots: Exploring the Potential Future of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has really made quite the jump from the snake game which everyone and their mom played back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now, your phone can act pretty much like a console and computer, which is truly incredible given that only a few decades have passed. Which begs the question, what could be next in the age of mobile gaming?

Current State of the Mobile Gaming Industry

As it stands, mobile gaming is extremely advanced and more accessible than pricier consoles or gaming PCs. The Playstore and AppStore hold thousands of games, ranging from classic games like Sudoku to modern RPGs with high-definition graphics.

And we have to give a special shout-out to the rise of cross-platform compatibility, which has made it possible for millions of people to enjoy browser games on the go. Players can even try slot games online with just a few taps, from fishing-themed slots like Big Bass Bonanza to the Ancient Greek motifs found in Rise of Olympus. It’s truly impressive how quickly we went from physical casinos to online ones that can be enjoyed on your phone.

Moreover, current mobile gaming can be enjoyed not only solo but even in multiplayer mode if the game offers. It’s a neat way to play with your friends, especially if they don’t live nearby. We also have to note the use of innovative AR technology which is being implemented more and more in games. Thanks to this, your surroundings become part of your game.

All of the above has made it very easy for the industry to grow exponentially, with developers creating more and more games. It’s all about supply and demand, and there’s plenty of demand from consumers worldwide.

Predictions for the Future of Mobile Gaming

There’s plenty of technology that is already being used but not quite mainstream, at least not yet. From the aforementioned AR to VR technology and cloud gaming. But what comes next? While some may think that it’s impossible to go any further than the above, with how rapidly technology is advancing, we sincerely doubt this.

Apart from the typical prediction of better graphics and more immersive games, we think the next step in mobile gaming will be tied to AI. Recently, OpenAI came out stating that users will be able to create customized versions of their viral ChatGPT. If you can create your own chatbot, perhaps, sooner than you may think, you might be able to create your very own game fully tailored to your preferences without any programming skills.

Wearable tech is already widespread, but it’s highly likely that we won’t have to be as reliant on it. Instead, brain chips would be able to potentially let us game without lifting a finger. Perhaps, we could even play mobile games directly in our heads. This might also be coming to us in the near future as Elon Musk has received official approval for human trials of his patented Neuralink chip.

Of course, until any of the above is actually created and available to the regular population, this is mere speculation. However, it truly is fascinating to think about it, as it seems that there is no limit to mobile gaming, from gaming options to immersive features. So mobile gamers out there, we’re sure you’ve got plenty to look forward to.

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