Chris Nolan’s depiction of the “Oppenheimer” nuclear explosion without CGI brings out apocalyptic fan humor

Christopher Nolan is not a director known for making things small. His films are grand epics that span continents and are the scale of skyscrapers. His latest project Oppenheimerseems no different, and the news that Nolan didn’t CGI a nuclear explosion gets fans excited.

In a recent interview with total movie, Nolan revealed how challenging it was to make this happen. Tip: It wasn’t easy. Oppenheimer is a film about the man who helped build the atomic bomb, and Nolan said he saw it as an opportunity to use practical effects over CGI.

The film recreates the famous Trinity test, which was a codename for the first detonation of a nuclear weapon. Doing this without the help of the computer was “a huge challenge,” Nolan said.

“Andrew Jackson – my visual effects supervisor, who I brought on board early on – thought about how we could bring many of the visual elements of the film to life, from the depiction of quantum dynamics and quantum physics to the Trinity test itself to recreate, with my team, Los Alamos on a mesa in New Mexico in exceptional weather, much of which was needed for the film in relation to the very harsh conditions out there – there were great practical challenges.”

Despite the “huge, logistical challenges” of recreating a nuclear blast, Nolan said he was “thrilled” with what his team produced, saying the “really increased performance.” News of the blast also prompted some funny responses from people. Here are some of the best:

Some people worried about the extras.

Does Nolan disregard human life?

Some context for the following tweet in case you’re unfamiliar with the spectacular Amazon show The young: Homelander has just used his laser eyes to assassinate a man in front of a huge crowd and he thinks he’s in trouble, but then they start cheering him for it.

Somehow someone got a picture of Nolan watching the explosion on set.

This is just weird.

Maybe Nolan is done directing movies and wants the world to know that he’s now a geopolitical figure.

Oppenheimer hits theaters on July 21st. Chris Nolan’s depiction of the “Oppenheimer” nuclear explosion without CGI brings out apocalyptic fan humor

Lindsay Lowe

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