“Chucky” could crossbreed with other in-universe monsters, the creator confirms the talks

Movie universes have only continued to flourish over time, largely due in part to their popularity at the hands of superhero heavyweights Marvel Studios and DC Studios. In fact, if Tarantino had been born two decades later, we might very well have been spoiled with Django Freeman, Aldo Raine, the Bride, and Jules Winnfield teaming up for a depraved, delicious answer avenger and justice league.

The horror genre in particular looks like a prime candidate, and we almost got it in the form of Universal Studios Dark Universe, which would have seen classic monsters like Dracula, the wolf-man, and the creature from the Black Lagoon put the lore in a common canon. Unfortunately, that is pitifully fateful mummy The film, with its poor financial and critical performance, dashed those plans from the start.

But all is not lost for these horror greats, who could very well find an unlikely common denominator in one of the more modern members of the horror genre umbrella. It’s none other than Chucky, the murderous doll made famous by the child’s play Franchise.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Don Mancini, creator of the chucky TV series and a founding member of child’s play creative team, revealed the character’s newfound association with Universal Studios, which produces and distributes chuckyhas allowed for some deliciously tactile conversations about the china menace potentially going toe-to-toe with some of the greats.

But now that we’re doing well in this other medium at Universal, there are other Universal-owned monsters that could theoretically be available to us. So it’s something we’re talking about. I’ll put it this way…I won’t say too much about it, but stay tuned. It’s definitely an interest of mine too.

Chucky is no stranger to crossovers, with the Chucky invades Collection of short films in which he falls into such psycho the purge, and drag me to hell, and Mancini has been quite vocal about his intentions to pit the puppet against Freddy Krueger at some point. While little is prevented from Chucky meeting the Invisible Man or the Phantom of the Opera, perhaps the essence of the Dark Universe will live on.

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/chucky-could-crossover-with-other-universal-monsters-as-creator-confirms-talks/ “Chucky” could crossbreed with other in-universe monsters, the creator confirms the talks

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