Ciara Miller calls Carl Radke a ‘closed asshole’

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard dropped that summer house After their engagement party didn’t quite go to plan. Danielle Olivera cried throughout the event. She poured out her feelings to the other guests. Lindsay was unsatisfied when she found out.

The rest of Danielle’s castmates seemed to think Carl was callous not to include Lindsay’s alleged best friend. But the two ladies were at odds throughout the season after the content developer suggested the romance was progressing too quickly. His strategy was to stay out of her drama. Presumably, including Danielle in his marriage plans would have made Lindsay feel a certain way.

Much suffering has happened in the summer house. And the cast didn’t even point out that Lindsay and Carl smuggled their things out without any explanation.

Ciara calls Danielle’s exclusion ‘strange’

Ciara Miller and Mya Allen shared their thoughts on the drama with Page Six’s Virtual Reali tea podcast in one exclusive interview.

“He’s like a closed asshole at times,” says Ciara of the new and improved Carl. Love sometimes works wonders. In this case, maybe not so much.

“She’s not wrong,” Mya agreed after being “taken aback” by the comment.

Friends were confused as to why Carl shared his engagement plans with Kyle Cooke and Chris Leoni but not Danielle. Carl and Chris had known each other “a few months” at this point, while Danielle Lindsay has been a mainstay for the past seven seasons.

Ciara found it “strange” and very distasteful, considering Carl “used one of Danielle’s contacts to arrange the engagement.”

It is best not to quarrel with the bride-to-be. At this point you will be a pariah. The coincidence that Chris knows what Danielle didn’t know is a fantastic example. Well, that and the Summer House newcomer bring no drama.

“No disrespect to Chris, but you just met Chris, didn’t you? Chris knows that information, and then you put Danielle in the “the girls in the house” category, so she’s not really a girl in the house,” Mya added.

Carl was callous as he set Danielle up with all the female houseguests. She felt herself to be an integral part of the friendship. Apparently, Lindsay and the former vice president of Loverboy had different opinions. Mya sympathizes with Danielle in this regard.

“I sympathize with her because it’s like I don’t want to be in that situation with my best friend on such a big platform,” she said of the friendship imploding on camera.

While the model understands Danielle’s frustration, she’s in no way defending her hysteria at the engagement party. Aside from this event, Ciara believes Danielle did her part to improve her friendship with Lindsay.

“I do think she ended up trying in a way, even though she knew she wasn’t doing her best,” Ciara concluded. “She tried.”

If the reunion is any indication, Danielle and Lindsay haven’t reconciled since filming this season. The publicist described the reunion with Bravo executive producer Andy Cohen as a “storm.”

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Tell us: should Carl have included Danielle in his proposal? Did Danielle do everything she could to restore the friendship? Will Danielle and Lindsay ever reconcile?

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