‘Cleaning Lady’ Recap: Season 2 Premiere — [Spoiler]declared death

Meanwhile, Thony De La Rosa was fixing a big problem in her life The cleaning lady‘s Season 2 premiere…then promptly about half a dozen more were added.

During the second debut on Monday, Thony spent an hour chasing husband Marco, who had kidnapped the couple’s son Luca, and plotted to take the boy out of the country. But when Thony finally met up with Marco at a nearby motel to discuss the situation – with her sister-in-law Fiona and nephew Chris in tow – the conversation turned heated within minutes, and Chris accidentally killed Marco as he pushed the man and sent him tumbling down the motel stairs.

Thony tried her best to do damage control after Marco’s death, even lying to the motel manager that she was a stranger who had simply found Marco’s body on the stairs. The manager seemed very suspicious of Thony from the start – and in the episode’s closing moments we learned that the motel’s security cameras had a clear picture of Chris hustling Marco and that the building manager knows exactly how Thony got involved in the incident was.

According to co-showrunner Melissa Carter, she and the writers on the Fox drama “always knew we wanted to kill Marco,” “and we discussed all the different, funny, criminal ways he could get involved last season,” she tells TVLine. But Thony’s husband’s death was largely due to Carter and co-showrunner Miranda Kwok’s desire to “explode into season two” and “change all the trajectories of all these characters,” Carter notes.

The Cleaning Lady season 2 premiere recap“If a fight like this happened in a white family and someone dies and it’s a mistake, you would explain it and they would believe you,” she continues. “But because they don’t have papers, because they’re so scared of the law, because of the risk of not being believed — even if they are.” was to believe that they could be deported – it all topples on its own axis.”

“Luca is doing better now and we wanted to shift the focus from what a mother would do for a child to what Thony is doing and Fiona will do whatever it takes to protect her families,” Kwok added. “This will push them to make more complicated decisions and push them further over the moral line.”

It’s going to be an emotionally draining season for Chris in particular: he’s nowhere near as comfortable sustaining a lie as his mother and aunt seem to be, which Kwok says will set off a “mental crisis” for the teen.

“They all have to keep this secret now, but they can’t help him deal with the fact that he accidentally killed his uncle and how that will affect him,” she teases. “He doesn’t want to lie about it, but it puts the whole family at risk if he does was pronounce. And Thony covered it up! So now it’s not just one thing. There is a snowball effect.”

As for the motel manager, who already knows the family’s big secret, Carter confirms that he’ll “definitely” remain a thorn in Thony’s side throughout season two, but she’s a lot more delinquent than the man would expect.

“What’s special about Thony is that she learned a lot of criminal things in Season 1,” says Carter. “She learned how to cover up a crime scene, and season 2 is really about how, after everything she learned from Arman, she transitions into her own criminal element.”

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https://tvline.com/2022/09/19/the-cleaning-lady-recap-season-2-premiere-marco-death-explained/ ‘Cleaning Lady’ Recap: Season 2 Premiere — [Spoiler]declared death

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