CNN’s Van Jones Feels Bad Because ‘Grandpa’ Trump Is ‘Having A Very Bad Day’

Responding to the scene Tuesday in which former President Donald Trump entered a Manhattan courthouse and presented himself for arrest, CNN political commentator Van Jones said he had no “joy” at the moment as it showed that a “grandpa is having a very bad day”.

The former Obama administration official, who has been criticized by the left for his bizarre past praise of the ex-president, contrasted Trump’s indictment over allegations related to a hush-money scheme with his previous work on criminal justice reform. (Jones secretly helped draft Trump’s so-called police reform initiative while praising it on TV.)

“You never feel more helpless than in this situation,” he said during CNN’s coverage of the arrest. “The government is bigger than you. The state is bigger than you. You have no power and control. You look at people who can control your life. And it’s a very bad feeling, and I think there’s really nothing to celebrate here, even those of us who are opposed to his politics and his policies.”

Jones continued, “It’s a sobering moment I think for him. And there’s a lot of pain that comes as you go through this process. There is pain in his marriage. There is pain for your children. He’s a grandfather. There’s a lot of human things that the cameras can capture. But I can tell you, after spending time with the accused, this is one of the worst moments in anyone’s life.”

Later in the conversation, anchor Anderson Cooper conjured up an image of Trump holding up his first as he entered the courthouse before asking Jones for his personal reaction.

“Yes, he looks sad,” replied the CNN pundit. “He looks like he’s going to take the weight of it. And you know, as a human I have no joy. I don’t like the prison system. I don’t like what it does to people. I don’t like this process.”

Jones concluded, “I don’t celebrate seeing him look the way he looks. Now that doesn’t mean there’s no accountability. We do not know what he is accused of. There’s a lot more – but at this moment, that’s not a conqueror. This is a grandpa having a very bad day.” CNN’s Van Jones Feels Bad Because ‘Grandpa’ Trump Is ‘Having A Very Bad Day’

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