Cole Hauser shares exciting news about future seasons with the Duttons, while Kevin Costner wins a Golden Globe for his performance as John Dutton

Nice Wednesday, yellowstone fans; The future for our favorite cowboy drama looks brighter after last night’s awards ceremony and Kevin Costner’s big win. That’s right, the incredibly talented actor has won an award for his portrayal of patriarch John Dutton, who lives at high stakes and even greater tensions with those on the ranch and those around them. Awards season is in full swing, fans of yellowstone hope this win means there are more on the horizon soon.

Along with big news with his Best Actor win, Cole Hauser also shared some exciting information with fans who were listening intently. He revealed the answer to a question fans have been asking for a while: Do we have future seasons with the Dutton family? You know the drill from here: grab yours yellowstone-loving beast and your celebratory drink of choice – and ride inside.

Kevin Costner wins big at the Golden Globes

The 2023 Golden Globes aired last night and Kevin Costner finally received a well-deserved award in the Best Actor in a Television Drama category. Breathing life into the character of John Dutton, Costner resides with his family at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch as they battle everything from sworn enemies to unfortunate circumstances and those who dare to oppose them.

When fans first met John, we knew there was something about him that went much deeper than a superficial character. While these opening moments of the series are intense and difficult to watch, John performs a mercy killing on a horse that was wounded in a horrific accident. He apologized to the animal before offering peace and limping to the scene of the accident to find a specific piece of paper. After taking it and tucking it under his vest, he walked to the fence line surrounding his property and made a peculiar statement to the cattle.

“The things we lose to feed you.”

At that moment it was clear that we were about to be introduced to a complex story and it would be important to pay close attention to it. John has continued to focus on each episode of the series as we journey with him through some of the highest and lowest moments of his life. As compelling as he is interesting, the Golden Globe was a well-deserved win for a man who almost makes us forget he’s even an actor.

Although he was unable to attend the ceremony in person due to flooding in the area, he took to Instagram to send a message of thanks to the Globes and everyone who viewed his role as a win. He thanks the entire team on the series for making this possible and thanks the fans for their unwavering support. As if one could give the series and its actors less.

Here’s to a big night for one of the best in the business and the start of a new chapter for yellowstone.

Cole Hauser says fans can expect more time with the Duttons in the future

Cole Hauser also brought some exciting news to fans of yellowstone yesterday, and it almost feels like it happened in a moment we weren’t waiting for. The actor walked the Golden Globes red carpet with his wife and spoke to Entertainment Tonight about everything from date night to the show we all love. As they spoke, Hauser revealed that yellowstone will return for seasons six and seven.

Yes, sound the alarm and call your best friend (we told you you needed his attention tonight) – yellowstone hasn’t finished telling his emotional story yet. While Hauser had already talked about how season five won’t be the last, we were thrilled to hear that we have at least two more on the horizon.

“I work in the best office in the world; It is Montana. I mean, Taylor’s script is amazing, the actors are amazing, and we have a great crew. You know we just finished five and we have six and seven coming up so we’re excited.

Montana is beautiful and we agree that Dutton Ranch has to be the best office in the world, especially when you keep Hauser company every day. He’s lucky, hardworking and driven, and the character he brings to life is a fan favorite, and not just in the yellowstone Rich. He’s a favorite across the entertainment field.

yellowstone will be back after its midseason hiatus in the summer of 2023, and until then, you can stay tuned to the show’s first four seasons on Paramount. Cole Hauser shares exciting news about future seasons with the Duttons, while Kevin Costner wins a Golden Globe for his performance as John Dutton

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