Contact Lenses Care Tips And Tricks

Contact lenses can make you look stylish. They are designed to optimize your vision healthy. To get the most from your contact lenses, proper care is important. Store them well. Wear the right contact lenses. Dust the lenses regularly. Use the right disinfectant. Purchase the right contact lenses from this website.  Here are the top contact lenses care tips and tricks you should know.

Talk With Your Optometrist

Talk to your optometrist. Don’t wear the wrong types of contact lenses. Request him/her to prescribe the right types of contact lenses. Remember, wrong contact lenses can lead to infections.

Don’t Share

Don’t share your contact lenses. These are personal; effects. Don’t give them to your friends. Follow your physician’s instructions. Sharing your lenses can lead to infections.

Replacement Schedule

Discipline is key. Thus, don’t overuse daily disposal. Disposable lenses should be used only once.  Replace your contact lenses as directed by your doctor. Replace your contact lenses at the right time. Follow all your doctor’s recommendations.

Remove Them Before Bedtime

Proper storage is important. Before heading to bed, remove them. Store them well. Don’t wear your lenses at night. According to experts, the eye requires sufficient oxygen. Wearing them at night will deprive your eyes of the necessary oxygen.

Cleaning Regimen

Clean them well. Use a soft cloth to clean your lenses. Ensure that your hands are clean. Rub them with the right cleaning solutions. Use your palm to run the lenses. Ensure that they don’t have any debris and protein buildup. Rinse your contact lenses using the right solution. Store your contact lenses using fresh solutions.

Don’t Touch with Oil

Handler your lenses with care. Wash your hands. Don’t touch them with oily hands.  Ensure that they are always dry. Use a clean towel to dry your contact lenses. Oil will damage the lenses.

Don’t Dip Your Contact Lenses In Water

Don’t use tap water to wash your contact lenses. According to experts, tap water and lenses don’t go together. Thus, use the right cleaning agent when cleaning your contact lenses. Avoid shortcuts.  Remember, water can have microbes. Using tap water to clean your lenses can expose your eyes to these microbes. Also, keep your contact lenses from your mouth. Like water, saliva isn’t good for contact lenses.

Proper Storage Is Very Important

Use an all-purpose cleaning solution. Rinse your contact lenses well. Avoid using tap water. Disinfecting your contact lenses is important. After rinsing, rub them to remove pathogens. A hydrogen peroxide-based solution is used to clean contact lenses. However, don’t put them directly in the eyes. Allow time.

Clean THe Casing Well

Don’t ignore cleaning the lenses. Ensure that the case is rinsed and cleaned using the right disinfectant. This should be done daily. Use clean tissue paper to wipe dry the case. Also, consider replacing the case regularly. Ideally, replace it after every 3 months.

Clean Hands

Wash your hands before touching the lenses. Gently handle your lenses to avoid unnecessary breaking. Dirt and dust can increase your risk of developing eye problems. So, be very careful about your place and remove your lenses.

Rinse Them Well

Is there anything stuck on your lenses? If so, then that could cause a lot of discomforts. Rinse them with rewetting drops to get rid of dirt and dust. Don’t wear the lenses if your eyes are already red and feeling irritated. However, if you still don’t feel better without the lenses, make a point to see your doctor.


Are you fond of sports? Well, that’s great. However, you need to be mindful of your eye health. Contact lenses are uniquely designed to provide peripheral vision. Plus, they don’t easily fog up. Nonetheless, if you’re a swimmer, avoid wearing them in water. Wet sunglasses can be difficult to remove. Plus, they can make you vulnerable to eye infections.

If you must wear them in water, then consider utilizing saline or rewetting drops. They’ll help in loosening your lenses and keeping the clean. Remember, hot tubs are the riskiest sources of microbes. Thus, be sure to disinfect your lenses regularly.

Don’t Throw Away Your Sunglasses

Don’t do away with your sunglasses. Even if you own a pair of contact lenses, you might still need your sunglasses. Your eyes need a break too. Sunglasses can play a significant role in blocking UV light and keeping your eyes healthy. Purchase high-quality sunglasses and enjoy having fun around the sand, water, or snow.

Decorative, Cosmetic Lenses

Aside from being decorative, cosmetic lenses can also safe. Just make sure that you purchase them from a professional doctor. Ill-fitting contact lenses score your eyes or trigger an eye infection.

Think About Your Screens

In today’s modern world, people spend most of their time in front of phones, computers, as well as, televisions. And this can be extremely hazardous for their eye health. It can cause eye strain and blurred vision. When working on a computer, your eyes can become dry and tired. To avoid this, consider taking frequent breaks from your screen. It’s also important to apply rewetting drops to your eyes regularly.

 Visit Your Doctor

If you’re planning to purchase contact lenses, be sure to get them from an eye doctor. He or she will carefully check your eyes before making a prescription. An optometrist has the required expertise to access your situation and recommend the best option. Remember, contact lenses are available in different materials and strengths. Thus, even if you want to make an online purchase, it’s still important to consult your doctor first.

The Bottom-Line

The main role of contact lenses is to optimize your vision health. They can also make you look stylish. Contact lenses are available in different styles. To get the most out of your contact lenses, handle them well. Store them correctly. Don’t share your contact lenses. Use the right cleaning detergents. don’t touch them with oily hands. Use the right type of contact lenses. If you suspect any eye issues, talk to your doctor. Don’t wait for too long.

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