Conversations with Friends Miniseries Episode 2 Recap

Bobbi is too self-absorbed and wrapped up in her own budding crush to realize that Frances is obviously in love with someone too, given how much she fidgets with her hair before heading to Melissa’s birthday party. When they arrive, the college girls are definitely underdressed compared to the woman of the moment — to better emphasize the decades-old difference between their age groups — and Bobbi quickly insinuates himself into the party, while Frances darts around the edges and eventually disappears into the bathroom.

Upstairs she sniffs around and finds Nick smoking alone and staring out the window the way one does at his wife’s birthday party. While we’re not told much about the passage of time here, has his beard grown enough to indicate that it’s been… a few weeks? Hard to say. A small dog bursts in and is chased away by Nick only to give him an excuse to shut the door, a fact he proclaims along with the fact that he is very stoned.

Okay, in the book I’m going to say that this scene – Nick cooling Frances off with the beer bottle – is a real moment. Does it work for you here? My problem is the tempo. Although once these two beginning Kissing, their chemistry feels real, the kiss itself and their feelings for each other seem to come out of nowhere. It’s a great kiss, but do we think these two are ready for it at this point in the story? To me it feels a bit arbitrary and forced. They break apart, he says “Frances” and she says “sorry” (again with that classic Rooney communication…that’s the “talks” of the series title lol) and flash. She also jumps into the party. Does Bobbi beat that? Hardly! This show doesn’t pass time in a meaningful way either – it seemed like Frances went upstairs just minutes after she arrived at the party? But as she leaves, the sky darkens. We’ll later learn that Bobbi stayed until sunrise and had an illicit kiss herself, but she’s so obsessed with being the protagonist that she doesn’t realize her friend is involved in something just as intense and transgressive as she is.

The next morning Frances drives home to see her mother in an idyllic looking piece of land. I’ll be completely honest and say that this whole part of the episode is pretty boring. FORGIVENESS. But it’s super slow, and really all you need to know is that France’s parents aren’t dating and her dad is such a bad guy who drinks and watches TV all day. He tries to compensate by offering his daughter money, which she refuses, either because she’s too proud to accept his help or because she realizes he doesn’t really have it; at the moment it is unclear. We also learn that Nick appears to be an actor famous enough for France’s mother to recognize his face, which is intriguing as we’ve only seen him talk about and act in theater so far. Again, I find something deeply funny about the basically monotonous way Frances says Melissa and Nick have a “great house,” and her mother replies by saying it’s not typical of Frances to “get carried away.” . No one seems particularly smitten here! The only exclamation marks are in my summary!

Frances returns to her mother’s house that evening to find that Nick has texted her apologizing for “being so stupid”. As I write in my notes terribly bold to put that in a text where your wife could easily read it Frances texts back that it’s her fault for kissing him, and my notes need to be capitalized: DO NOT WRITE IN THE TEXT THAT YOU KISS HIM YOU IMPOSSIBLE DUMMY. Nick (correctly) takes responsibility for being the older and married half of this indiscretion. All Frances can focus on is how special she is because she’s the first person he’s cheated on his wife with (or so he says!!). From there, the flirting escalates.

Before her next appearance, Bobbi asks why Frances left the party early, but really only as a quick introduction to talk about herself, revealing that she kissed Melissa. According to Bobbi, Melissa finds it very funny and the two now text like old buddies. Obviously, Bobbi wants Frances to disapprove of this, so Bobbi will feel like she’s so cool for being so bad. But Frances doesn’t offer this for obvious (to us) reasons.

At the literary agency, Frances can’t help but talk about the kiss, although she remains close to revealing the identity of her kissing partner to her friend/colleague Phillip. She only tells him that she “kissed someone I wasn’t supposed to.” Maybe she’s hoping he’ll connect the dots for himself? I think part of her resents Bobbi not being able to tell what’s going on, when part of her doesn’t want to get caught because she can not getting caught is based on Bobbi’s assumptions about the kind of person Frances is – someone who would never, never could, etc. Frances wants to be seen, although she also seems to benefit from the power of her apparent invisibility.

Frances and Bobbi attend a reading, which Melissa and Nick also attend. We get another “friendly” observation from Bobbi, who responds to Frances’ questions about whether her face looks shiny by saying, “Yeah, a little bit. In a good way though. It makes you seem less complicated.” BOBBI, what does that even mean? Jesus Christ, just give your girl blotting paper and stop being an asshole. At the event, the girls learn that Melissa is going to London, leaving Nick home alone with the dog, an opportunity Frances and Nick can’t pass up. They talk alone for a bit – he offers to apologize again, she begs him not to but says they should, you know, talk about it sometime wink wink. He agrees. Yes, lots of conversations on the horizon for these two! Lots of conversations… between friends (I’m sorry).

The SECOND second they leave, Bobbi jokes that “something weird” is going on between Nick and Melissa. Thanks for that completely unbiased observation, Bobbi. Then the girls go dancing, and honestly, this is the first time their friendship makes sense to me (looks fun!). As soon as that break comes, it’s over and we’re getting back to our regularly scheduled routine, in which Frances wears neutral colors and sits quietly while staring at her phone. Nick is free TONIGHT. Time to remove that hair. Conversations with Friends Miniseries Episode 2 Recap

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