Conversations With Friends Miniseries Episode 6 Recap

How does everyone feel about Bobbi’s reaction to Frances’ secret? I’m torn between fully understanding why this feels like a betrayal and also, as always, extremely frustrated at how Bobbi makes himself the focus of every experience, even this one, which is a lot not about her. And I don’t really think her pain comes from feeling like she’s more vulnerable with Frances than Frances is with her because (1) Bobbi tells everyone basically everything all the time and (2) I think she told Frances about it Kissing Melissa was just a provocation and a show of pride, not because she was revealing anything truly private or sensitive. Honestly, I think she’s just stunned that by her (Bobbi’s) definition, her friend is cooler than she realized and capable of doing protagonist shit when Bobbi has long relegated her to silent sidekick status . And I think she feels threatened by the fact that her indiscretion – a kiss – which seemed so juicy and intoxicating at the moment, becomes so insignificant next to the fact of Nick and Frances’ affair.

Frances returns to her mother’s house. Ireland is gray and rainy, just in case you could pick up that holiday’s over energy. Frances’ overall description of the vacation is that it was “really nice” and “really hot,” and her mother senses something is wrong, although that’s not exactly a departure from Frances’ standard way of communicating (minimalist, evasive, hopping). all good parts).

Do you remember Frances’ convulsions from the first episode? They’re back and worse than ever. Frances is in severe pain; there is a lot of blood. Mom here is a very cool pickle who just calmly asks her daughter if she might be pregnant, but in a non-judgmental way, and then takes her to the hospital – and Once they arrive at the hospital, she makes every effort to see her daughter if they are overlooked. A+ parenting, glad to see it.

I winced as I saw her doctor come – young and male, the worst kind – and ask her questions about her sexual activity and the use of protection. Obviously necessary questions, but the way he asks them irritates me. Just use specifics! And be nicer! Your girl is vomiting in pain! And why do doctors think you’ll know the date of your last period… nobody knows the date of their last period. I love that Frances just loses it and says, “I mean, he didn’t penetrate me. Haven’t I made myself clear?” I wish Frances hadn’t needed this excruciating and terrifying experience to assert herself, but here we are.

It’s unclear if Frances has reported that her period is always a real struggle. But someone should have asked her that! Left alone, Frances calls Nick and although she’s obviously distraught, he thinks she might be drunk and she quickly hangs up. When the doctor comes back, he says that she wasn’t pregnant, so she didn’t miscarry; no infection either but the pain is so worrying that she should stay overnight for the gynecologist to check on her in the morning.

Mom goes home because the nurse told her to. Frances cries until she falls asleep. Nick sends a very effusive and loving text (“hope everything is okay”).

In the morning the gynecologist comes for an examination. At least it’s a woman, thank God. Time for “a little pressure” – that’s what every woman likes to hear! The doctor, who is very reassuring, says Frances should go to Dublin for an ultrasound because it doesn’t show anything (all the pressure for nothing!) and prescribes her birth control pills.

Back at her mom’s, Frances gets a text message from Bobbi, who of course is doing the whole nicking thing about her (“Do you think I’d disapprove?”), which again deeply irritates me. Just ask if she’s okay!! This is the part where Bobbi says she feels “like we’re in completely different versions of this friendship” because of their inconsistent disclosures, and I’ll say again that Bobbi told Frances about Melissa because they prove it wanted her to be cool and interesting, not in the interest of intimacy between these friends (who, I must reiterate, are also ex-partners).

After Frances picks up her pills, she leaves Bobbi a voicemail asking to meet up. Back at her mother’s house, she searches her text history for messages containing the word “feelings” and finds a text in which Bobbi accuses her of never speaking about her feelings. Frances claimed that she just wasn’t very emotional, which Bobbi doubts (fair). But Frances says Bobbi thinks that anyone who doesn’t talk about something is hiding something, which isn’t always the case.

Frances goes to her father. His house is in an even more disastrous state than before, just full of trash and dirt. Your call to him goes to voicemail. Eventually, she finds him leaning against a downtown bar; he’s definitely flashed. She takes him home and makes him tea, ignoring Nick’s call. Once her father settles in, she goes back to her mother. Mom says it was important for Frances to visit her dad simply because he’s her dad, and Frances is like… is it anyway Mom also says Frances and Bobbi should make up since she can tell in her motherly wisdom that they spat.

So Frances texts Bobbi back on the train ride and they meet at a pub where Frances apologizes for not telling Bobbi about Nick. I’m really not sure if she has any regrets here. Bobbi wants to know if Frances would ever have said it if Bobbi hadn’t come in, and all I can do is scream into my notes.Bobbithis is not above She! You really don’t have a right to know everything your boyfriend is doing.” Frances mustered up the courage to say, “Sometimes it’s hard to tell you things. you are judgmental You don’t like Nick.” Fair!

Instead of taking that criticism, Bobbi’s all “Why do you care what I think?” When, like…literally all Bobbi wants is for Frances to not care what she thinks. She would be absolute destroyed if Frances came to the realization that Bobbi’s opinion of her shouldn’t dictate the day. Bobbi says she’s grown fond of Nick, but that’s the problem French Bobbi feel like one intruder. (Okay, but you did bother, so…) Frances tells Bobbi that Bobbi is the focus of her life, which makes me very sad given how Bobbi treats her. But well.

Outside, Frances tells Bobbi about the situation at the hospital. She wants permission to have any feelings about it – “What are you even allowed to feel about something that probably wasn’t anything?” – and Bobbi (right!) says, “You tell me.”

What’s funny and frustrating about the rest of their conversation is that eventually all of Bobbi’s points are 1,000 percent valid, but now that Frances has argued that Bobbi is being too judgmental and critical of Nick, Frances can just ignore what Bobbi is saying and claim Bobbi is being unfair to Nick once again. Because Frances is all “It was probably my idea” not to use protection, and Bobbi astutely says that maybe Nick isn’t really passive, he’s just acting so he never has to take responsibility for anything. That’s Nick’s entire deal in one cool sentence. Is Frances paying attention? We’re only halfway through the series, so I don’t think saying “LOL, no” is a spoiler.

That night, Nick and Frances text and he escalates their conversation into a call that comes through as a Skype. Oh boy. Conversations With Friends Miniseries Episode 6 Recap

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