Counter-Strike 2 players are expressing disappointment that many of CS:GO’s key features are disappearing

After a surprise announcement earlier this year, Valve surprised players again suddenly release of Counter-Strike 2 as an update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Wednesday after a long beta phase. In addition to several new gameplay aspects, Counter-Strike 2 brings some big changes such as: Gun reimbursement And revised graphicsthe model that helped its predecessor become one of the most played Steam games of all time.

Unfortunately for many players, however, the original Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been completely replaced by Counter-Strike 2 (aside from being playable as an offline demo), which appears to be missing some popular features from the original game. Now, surprised players are taking to Reddit and X/Twitter to share their concerns about the current state of the game.

Just hours after CS2’s release, players began pointing out missing features. Reddit user u/cosmictrigger01 has compiled a list of major aspects of CS:GO that have mysteriously disappeared from CS2, including several Competitive and Wingman maps, Workshop maps, and entire game modes like Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman, and Danger Zone. In the replies and on Twitter and Reddit, other players have now joined in asking where these modes have gone and whether they will return.

“I’ve played Arms Race so many times, usually with the same group of people who happened to be there at the same time as me,” commented Reddit user u/theicarusambition. “So many strangers became friends and so many good times. It would be a real shame if CS2 ruined that.”

As GamesRadar pointed out, some Arms Race maps have been leaked, hinting at a possible return of the mode in the near future. Still, these players were concerned that Valve removed these modes without warning.

Aside from the removed features, a small portion of CS2’s player base will no longer be able to access the game at all – Valve has also removed support for players on Mac, with no word on whether it will be added back or not.

Players have also raised issues with other technical features, including commands like the Bob animation changer “cl_bob,” the absence of which caused an outcry during CS2’s beta.

Other players have complained about CS:2’s servers. While Valve increased CS2’s tick rate with a new system, some international players have noted that the game’s servers have resulted in a “nearly unplayable” game compared to CS:GO.

“My agent and my enemy agent are very behind, sometimes can’t switch weapons…, sometimes can’t jump when I try to throw a grenade, and there are a lot of lags like this,” said Reddit user u/ykoonab (the one mentioned). that they play from Central Asia).

Valve, for its part, acknowledged the server problems and “reached server capacity in various regions.” They said they would add more server capacity “as quickly as possible.”

As with other Counter-Strike games, many players felt that Counter-Strike 2 simply didn’t add enough new features since its beta release (or since the original CS:GO as a whole).

“Very strange how all the hype over the last few weeks has resulted in…basically nothing,” streamer Anomaly said on Twitter.

Of course, the reaction to CS2’s surprise launch wasn’t all negative. Twitter and Reddit are also abuzz with players praising the game’s overhauled graphics, discussing new features like responsive smoke grenades, and (of course) sharing some impressive clips.

Still, players have made their disappointment clear and Valve has yet to respond to concerns about the game (except threatens to ban scammers and their friends). Now we just have to wait and see if Valve brings back these missing features or if this is exactly what Counter-Strike will look like in the future. Valve has not yet responded to IGN’s request for comment.

IGN has reached out to Valve for comment.

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