“Coward”: Schumer brags about refusing to debate with Tucker Carlson — but Tucker has the last laugh

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer boasted Tuesday that he turned down a request from Fox News host Tucker Carlson to discuss a letter the New York Democrat had sent to top Fox News executives.

What happened?

Schumer on Tuesday sent a letter to the Fox leadership with the demand The network “instantly stops spreading the ruthless amplification of the so-called ‘Great Replacement’ theory.”

Schumer claimed that the white supremacist conspiracy theory entered “the mainstream” of American discourse because Fox News experienced “a dangerous level of amplification.” Schumer provided no evidence to support his claims. In fact, he just pointed to an Associated Press poll and a New York Times investigative story about Carlson.

Still, Schumer told Fox leadership, “I beseech you to stop promoting false white nationalist, far-right conspiracy theories on your network immediately.”

After Schumer sent off his letter and railed against Fox News in the Senate, Carlson’s team contacted him and invited him to discuss the letter on Carlson’s nightly show. But for unknown reasons, Schumer declined the invitation.

.@TuckerCarlson invited me to his show tonight to debate the letter I sent him @FoxNews. I refuse. Tucker Carlson needs to stop promoting the racist, dangerous ‘Replacement Theory’,” boasted Schumer.

How was the reaction?

While Schumer’s stance may have earned him credits within his tribe, the decision to turn down Carlson’s invitation left many others scratching their heads.

After all, if Carlson promotes racism and Schumer is on the “right side” of the issue, why would he turn down an opportunity to educate Carlson and his 3 million+ late night viewers?

  • “Why should you be afraid to debate Carlson if you truly believe that the facts, the politics and the morals are on your side? Oh wait”, one person
  • “Nothing says ‘I have courage in my beliefs’ quite like refusing to discuss them publicly,” said one person mocked.
  • “Okay…..but you understand that he’s not going to stop, right? So basically you had the perfect opportunity to show his crowd a different point of view and literally said no for no reason. Am I missing something?” Another person called.
  • “I don’t agree with you or Tucker on everything, but you’d be better off going ahead and speaking in good faith,” one person said observed.
  • “So you brag about making allegations but are unwilling (afraid) to explain or defend them? I think we all know why,” another person observed.
  • “So you turned down the opportunity to speak to 3.5 million Americans? Well, you really showed them. That’ll teach them,” another person mocked.
  • “If @TuckerCarlson is as disgusting as you claim, why turn down a chance to prove him wrong in front of millions of his viewers? Oh ’cause you know you’re full of crap? Got it,” another person
  • “Given the chance to confront the person the Dems consider so dangerous, they choose to tweet and send letters instead. Bold Profiles,” another person mocked.
  • “Isn’t the best way to argue with someone you disagree with? How does it help to keep the other side silent or refusing to engage? Seems very counterproductive,” said one person

Carlson answered to Schumer on his show Tuesday night, calling him a “coward” and quipping about Schumer’s ego, “This is probably the only media appearance in history he’s turned down.”

https://www.theblaze.com/news/schumer-declines-debate-invitation-tucker-carlson “Coward”: Schumer brags about refusing to debate with Tucker Carlson — but Tucker has the last laugh

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