Dashcam video shows no Crimean bridge explosion

The video was made with video from the Crimean Bridge and a clip from a strike in Kharkiv, neither from the October blast.

An Oct. 8 explosion caused a partial collapse of the Crimean Bridge, also known as the Kerch Bridge, across the Kerch Strait, which connects the Crimean Peninsula to Russia.

A video clip was posted multiple times after the explosion via twitter which claimed to show the moment a missile hit the bridge. The video appeared to be from a dash cam in a vehicle that drove across the Crimean Bridge.

“BREAK. The moment of #Crimean Bridge EXPLODES”, said one tweet.


  • InVida video forensics tool
  • RevEyea reverse search tool for images
  • Google Maps
  • Jandexa Russia-based search engine
  • Takvima Turkish newspaper
  • Old video posted on Twitter and TikTok in May 2022
  • Dashcam footage from March 2022


That's wrong.

No, a viral dashcam video does not show the Crimean bridge explosion. The video was first posted months before the explosion and is a compilation of several videos.


The video in its entirety, made using components from various videos, was published on Twitter, Tick ​​tock and Russian social media in May, months before the Crimean Bridge blast.

The viral footage, which is said to show the “moment” the bridge exploded, also shows the alleged impact that happened during the day. security shots Footage from the actual explosion on October 8th shows the bridge exploding in the dark.

Using InVid, VERIFY split the video into individual keyframes and performed a reverse image search for each keyframe.

Part of the video shows the Crimean bridge, which can be confirmed by comparing scenes from the video Images posted on Google Maps. The same high arches on each side of the bridge can be seen in these images and also in the video. But it didn’t capture the day of the explosion, as that exact clip was posted in May 2022.

Not only is the video from before the October explosion, we can also confirm that part of the 12-second video has been edited to include a flash from a completely different explosion.

A large flash of white can be seen at the 6 second mark of the video before cutting out distorted images as if the camera was on during an explosion. VERIFY focused on this keyframe from the video and showed a flash from the explosion:

The flashes of the blast were actually captured by dashcam footage captured in March of a rocket attack in the northern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

VERIFY was able to determine this using Image search results from Yandexa Russian search engine that led to one Article in the Turkish daily newspaper Takvim in June 2022, which published images and videos of various rocket attacks in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

One of the images in the article was the exact photo of the explosion (see above) that VERIFY tracked using reverse image search. The article said the photo was a screenshot of dashcam footage captured during the blast in the northern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Using the information about the photo from the Kharkiv explosion published in the Takvim article, we found the full video showing the explosion in Kharkiv.

So not only can we confirm that the video was not captured of the Crimean Bridge explosion, but the entire video was edited to combine old footage of the Crimean Bridge and footage of a rocket attack in Kharkiv, the months before the bridge on October 8th were put online explosion.

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