Dave Bautista’s April Fool’s joke is so good, fans are clamoring for it to become a reality

Dave Bautista stands up

Screengrab via Twitter/DaveBautista

Who would have thought putting David Bautista Standing up on stage was a good idea? When he shared a clip of his Netflix comedy special I’ve never done this before – April Fools joke by the way – the fans have gone mad and are now saying it has to happen.

Dave Bautista rose to prominence in wrestling when he signed with WWF in 2000, which is the World Wrestling Federation for all young fans who may not know that the company changed its name to WWE in 2002. has made his way to the top, but there aren’t too many jokes in this industry. Since retiring from wrestling in 2019, he has starred in comedies such as Stuber in 2019, my spy in 2020, glass onion in 2022 and his many years of work with the Protector of the Galaxy franchise that started in 2014.

He’s shown he can both deliver jokes and crack jokes, but does he have what it takes to stand on a stage and talk into a mic for an hour and keep people laughing the entire time? That’s the real question.

The production looks so good that fans are scratching their heads and wondering if Netflix actually gave this man $10 million for what appears to have been bombed.

Now Netflix may have to start rethinking things as fans see the potential in it becoming a real thing.

Throwing the guy on stage and hitting him with a chair after a good kick to his chest was a good thing, but Bautista fans particularly like her violence.

This fan makes it clear that acting unfunny has to be really funny to pull it off!

This guy either doesn’t get it and thinks it’s real, or he’s doing his own April Fools thing.

Now, this fan comes across as sincere when they say they actually searched for it on Netflix. How many other fans did that?

Here’s a good reason why Netflix might want to consider it, but it’s not making any of the other subscribers happy.

FYI, this “Exclusive Trailer” was shown first Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019 when Bautista promoted Stuber with co-star Kumail Nanjiani. His $10 million joke obviously landed very well with his colleague since he’s actually a standup comedian and Netflix won’t offer him that kind of money.

https://wegotthiscovered.com/celebrities/dave-bautistas-april-fools-gag-was-so-good-fans-demand-it-become-a-reality/ Dave Bautista’s April Fool’s joke is so good, fans are clamoring for it to become a reality

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