Dead Space 3 author would repeat the story “almost completely”.

Dead Space 3 writer Chuck Beaver would revise the game’s story “almost entirely” and focus on a mentally broken Isaac Clark if he were ever approached about a possible remake.

As VGC reports, Beaver told YouTuber CaptainBribo that he will retain some of Dead Space 3’s key lore elements, such as Tau Volantis and the giant necromorphs known as “Brother Moons,” but will bring the narrative back to the rigors of a mental broken Isaac focus in the wake of the traumatic events of Dead Space 2.

“However, I think I would almost completely remake Dead Space 3 now in that remake territory,” Beaver said. “Now we face the consequences if he is broken, and I would do it like a Tyler Durden [from Fight Club] thing [with] an unreliable narrator, and you’re wondering, “What happened?”, and the player doesn’t even know, Isaac certainly doesn’t know, right? Is it really him?

However, I think I would almost completely remake Dead Space 3 in this remake territory.

Beaver said he would keep this cerebral element of the plot alive for the majority of a Dead Space 3 remake. Towards the end of the narrative, the player would discover that Isaac’s confusing visions of himself were real after all, and that the Necromorphs had manifested another version of the protagonist, a “Dark Isaac”. The climax of the game was the two Isaacs fighting each other, with the dark Isaac ultimately gaining the upper hand and setting the stage for Beaver’s vision for Dead Space 4.

Instead, Dead Space 3 launched in 2013 to a mixed reception, with players generally considering it the weakest game in the trilogy. The industry at the time was mixing single-player and multiplayer games, Beaver said, which caused some problems for the development team.

“One of the biggest narrative challenges I ever faced was that we didn’t have co-op as a feature until a year after Dead Space 3, so we hadn’t written the story for it yet,” said Beaver. “Once they found out that a co-op needed to come on board, there was just enough time to get the feature into a technical schedule.”

Because of the design change, Beaver and his colleagues had to adjust many scenes to account for the presence of a second player or AI character. “We said, ‘That doesn’t make any sense,’ and everyone said, ‘I don’t know, I don’t care,’ and [director Ben Wanat] and I thought, ‘Oh my God, how are we going to solve this?'”

A remake of the original Dead Space, released in January 2023 to positive reviews from critics and fans (IGN said it was great), which apparently led EA to ask fans if they would also remake the second and third games wanted to do.

Therefore, it is possible that we will see a remake of Dead Space 3 one day. However, it remains to be seen whether the story will be as different as Beaver wants it to be.

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