Deepak Chopra’s tips for instant stress relief

Virtually everyone experiences stress on a routine basis, whether it’s in the form of mild pressure or a broader fear. Luckily, Deepak Chopra knows a thing or two about finding calm, and he recently shared some tips on how to do it news week Readers on how to achieve instant relaxation.

Chopra — an alternative medicine expert and world-renowned spiritual teacher — recently interviewed him news week to talk about his new book, life in the lightwhich was released on January 3rd. Co-authored with his yoga teacher, Sarah Platt-Finger, the book teaches the paths of Royal Yoga, also known as Raja Yoga, and includes an instructive 30-day program.

Practice the lessons in life in the light is one way someone can relieve stress, Chopra said. He also found that yoga has many other health benefits, including that it can reduce inflammation, increase heart rate variability, and even repair the gut microbiome.

“I think when people really understand what is in this book, they will be very confident in what we call self-regulation or self-healing. Because healing is real,” Chopra said. “As a doctor, I was taught never to use the word cure. You practice or treat people, but you never heal them. But the body has the ability to heal itself. So this book is actually about self-healing.”

Tips for quick stress relief from Deepak Chopra

Read Chopra’s tips below for quick stress relief.

Deepak Chopra
Spiritual teacher and best-selling author Deepak Chopra is pictured on the left side of this split image. At right is an image of his new book, Life in the Light, which teaches the ways of Royal Yoga.
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STOP formula

“Any time you’re feeling stressed, you can apply what I call the STOP formula,” Chopra said.

“‘S’ stands for Stop. ‘T’ stands for Take three deep breaths and smile from head to toe. ‘O’ – watch your breath and ‘P’ – proceed with awareness and compassion,” he said .

Press the pause button

Chopra continued, “Now if that sounds too complicated, whenever you’re reactive, press the pause button and watch your reaction to react.

“That will break the cycle of reactivity. Normally, people don’t have a pause between the sensory information and the output. So before you react to anything, just hit the pause button. Watch yourself and your reaction to react.”

“This is the highest intelligence: being able to observe yourself without judging yourself,” he said.

Focus on space

Chopra also offered another relaxation technique that begins with simply focusing on the space.

“Instead of looking at an object, be aware of the space you are in. The room is always silent. And when you connect with space, your mind also becomes still,” he said.

“Observe the room and your mind will become still.”

Regarding his own relationship with stress, Chopra said his “mind is calm.”

“I’m always in a state of serenity, so I don’t have ups and downs,” he said. “I am at peace.” Deepak Chopra’s tips for instant stress relief

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