DeSantis could announce his presidential nomination any day

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — A presidential nomination for Gov. Ron DeSantis appears all but certain after two developments in Tallahassee on Monday.

The governor’s press secretary, Bryan Griffin, tendered his resignation from the executive office of governor and announced that he would join DeSantis’ political operation. Griffin said in a statement, “I am stepping down from this role to pursue other avenues to contribute to the success of governorship in our country.”

The same political organization also announced an office move on Monday. After spotting a moving truck outside the Florida Republican Party headquarters in Tallahassee, 8 On Your Side confirmed that the political organization is opening a new office across town.

The cost of the move could force the governor’s political team to file an application with the FEC within the next 15 days, potentially confirming a presidential candidacy. The cost would have to exceed $5,000 to trigger the filing requirement.

The governor vaguely addressed the move at a news conference at New College of Florida on Monday. “There are a lot of things that come into play and I just want to say that I made a promise that we would do great things – we obviously did that and we have a few other things on the agenda,” he said.

Republicans are already lining up to support the governor.

“It’s kind of a magical moment,” said Rep. Spencer Roach. “I think the governor needs to capitalize on this and I hope he runs…it would be political misconduct if he chose not to run.”

Libbey Dean of 8 On Your Side asked the governor after the Florida legislature what he thought of Republican statements that it would be “political misconduct” if he did not run for the White House.

“We’ll be dealing with that fairly soon — you either have to deal with it or shut up,” DeSantis replied.

Roach supported DeSantis, though there hasn’t been an official announcement from the governor yet. According to Roach, DeSantis is the best choice for Republicans in 2024.

“I think deep down there is some uncertainty in the Trump campaign. I think they know Ron DeSantis is a threat,” Roach said.

Meanwhile, former President Trump, DeSantis’ rival if he runs, continues to maintain his lead in the early polls. His latest press release Monday shows the former president enjoys the support of 55% of likely Republican primary voters. However, political analysts have warned that it is soon enough for anything to happen.

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