“Dicks: The Musical” review: Queer comedy genius

Before Dicks: The Musical unfolds his shitty version of The parent trapThree title cards add some context to this raunchy song-and-dance fest. It was written by two gay men who are play Straight men in the film, and yes – the title card informs us – that is “very brave” of them.

At that moment I thought that I would simply love this film. At first glance Dicks: The Musical might look like an argument between two misogynistic ladies’ men who discover they are long-lost twins. But it’s actually a merciless and demented parody of the kind of cheeky comedy that treats women as whiners, T&A’s or punchlines. That’s not all either. In addition to mocking this arguably vile corner of heterosexual culture, Tails makes a point of satirizing queer culture by incorporating musical theater, f-bombs, multiple sex montages, and sewer boys.


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Wait – what is it? Dicks: The Musical around?

Writers/actors/gays Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson adapted their off-Broadway musical Damn identical twins into a stunning gonzo film musical. At the helm is Larry Charles, best known for his collaboration with Larry David (Seinfeld, curb your enthusiasm) and Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, Bruno, The Dictator).

Dicks: The Musical It focuses on two “alpha males” who sling huge penises, regularly bang women and are top salesmen at a company that sells robot vacuum cleaner parts. But there’s a void they can never fill – until they discover they’re “fucking identical twins.” (Do they look like twins? No. But if you get stuck on that – Tails is not the film for you.)

When the brothers learn that their father and mother are divorced and are both raising a child alone and are separated from their twin, they decide to trick their parents (Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally) into falling in love again. This way they will be a “real family”. There are just a few problems: her father has just come out as gay and her mother is a deeply eccentric, closeted mother. There are also sewer boys (you’ll see).

Dicks: The Musical is bold and completely crazy.

This is a relentless explosion of comedy. Sharp and Jackson swing big and wide and pass to both Dumb and Dumber-Style jokes and the musical theater song numbers. Jackson in particular is reminiscent of ’90s Jim Carrey, with his rubber-faced heist and eccentric speech. There are also gross-out gags, provocative punchlines, juvenile nudity, and Bowen Yang as a gay and glamorous god making iconoclastic jokes that had the audience at the TIFF world premiere bursting with laughter. Joining this ensemble cast that pokes fun at the alpha male archetype is Megan Thee Stallion in a supporting role that is wild and extremely funny, culminating in a rap number that is incredibly fun.

To their credit, Jackson and Sharp have every song on there Tails is hilarious and packed with so many jokes that the film requires repeated viewings to understand them all. But enlisting Broadway stars Mullally and Lane for multiple songs is a brilliant stroke. With a plethora of fashion accessories and a lisp, Mullally makes a meal of crazy lyrics — even turning her uncanny ability to hold a note into a punchline. Meanwhile, Lane – who stole scenes as a brave dad earlier this year another A24 film Beau is scared does his best, commits himself little by little – and spit by spit!

“There are new kings in town, and they are Dicks.”

A scandalous touch of queer culture is woven throughout, from parody Broadway posters (My queer lady! Lubricant!) to Yang’s drama-hungry god. But Lane’s number about how gay culture relates to the creepy, bloodthirsty, mind-reading creatures he locks in his apartment is a standout in this satire. In his outstanding comedy career, he is at his best here and appears to be having fun!

And that’s not all. Tails also boasts jokes about an intentionally confusing setting that combines elements like vintage shots of New York City with flip phones and outdoor studio sets intentionally Look like Los Angeles to have every kind of fun imaginable. Charles even records scenes of his cast breaking off, uncharacteristically laughing at the chaos unfolding before them. And you know what? It’s adorable. These included gaffes give the film a touch of spontaneity that reflects its theatrical roots. And it feels like we’re all invited to appreciate how really, really crazy this movie is. As the outtakes roll over the credits, we continue to be welcomed into the club, giggling with Lane as he marvels at the humiliation he inflicts with one bite of ham after another.

I love, love, love this film that dares to be so intentionally stupid, disgusting and joyfully outrageous. I laughed so hard my face still hurts. I left the theater with my mouth down because this movie was even being made. How bottoms And Problemista, Dicks: The Musical is a queer comedy that refuses to play it safe for mainstream audiences. For decades, straight bros have cornered comedy with dizzyingly offensive films full of stupid jokes. But there are new kings in town, and this is them Tails.

Dicks: The Musical Its world premiere was reviewed at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival. Dicks: The Musical hits theaters on September 29th.

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