Did Dimple actually die in Mob Psycho 100 III?

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Mob Psycho 100 III anime and manga

Mob Psycho 100 III is currently airing its third season, and with great power comes great responsibility — at least, that’s what Dimple would think. Dimple, also known as God Dimple, is a character introduced as an antagonist in the very first season of the series. This self-proclaimed evil spirit led a cult of humans who were brainwashed into believing in a god-like omnipotent entity, namely Dimple himself. Through ups and downs, Dimple was defeated by mob and forced to grow closer to the overpowered boy while he followed his own agenda of using mobs powers to help his goal of becoming a god.

With the plethora of events that have taken place over the last few episodes, Dimple’s fate has remained unknown to some – so what happened to the evil spirit, good-hearted god Dimple?

spoilers ahead.

What happened to Dimple?

God Dimple from Mob Psycho 100
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In the third season, to everyone’s surprise, Dimple again tried to achieve his long-held dream. This time by the Psycho Helmet Cult, unaware that they worshiped Mob. After the genie realized that the group was aimlessly trying to find a culprit for the sudden appearance of the Divine Tree (or giant broccoli), Dimple used this opportunity to pose as a mob and gain thousands of followers. When Mob realized it was Dimple who had brainwashed the whole town, the boy took it upon himself to stop his friend.

While the duo had been back and forth in a one-sided fight from Dimple’s side, they came to terms and decided to go home together while putting an end to the mass hypnosis Dimple was responsible for. To their great surprise, however, the Divine Tree had created its own power source to match Mob and Dimple’s own strength and was now attempting to become its own entity. Mob, now utterly exhausted from having his powers drained, was completely unaware of this new enemy, and all responsibility fell on Dimple’s shoulders.

In this brutal fight with the new self-propelled Psychic Helmet, Dimple Mobs puts safety first to make up for his friend for everything he’s done before. He chose to keep Mob aside, away from the fight he took to end it. Psycho Helmet, now taking the form of hundreds of copies of himself, was completely overpowered, powered by Mob’s own psychic powers – he was nearly indestructible.

However, God Dimple did not relent and took head on the enemy while also being fueled with the power he had stolen from Mob prior to this altercation. Much to Dimple’s own good, even the power he stole wasn’t enough. After fiercely fighting this enemy, Dimple hypnotized Mob one last time, forcing him to go home before he faced death. With his body almost completely obliterated, the spirit said goodbye one last time before fulfilling Mob’s wish to retrieve the Divine Tree from Seasoning City.

Did Dimple really die?

Mob Psycho 100 Divine Tree Floating Ep.6
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As heartbreaking as this goodbye may have been, there’s still hope for all the Dimple fans out there. Although his physical form has been defeated and thus ceased to exist, Dimple is undoubtedly not dead. Despite having to fight his way through a swarm of similar-looking mobs, Dimple manages to return to the land of the living through Master Reigen himself – that’s right.

Until the end of the upcoming ‘???’ Arc, Dimple returns to life after Mob’s continued spiraling power, which he kept wishing for Dimple’s return. This overwhelming power and hope caused the spirit to return to the living world. although he has been dead since inception. Dimple uses Reigen’s body to relay a message to Mob, prompting the boy to accept his “???”. condition and becomes an indispensable presence in the events of the arc. After taking over Reigen’s body, Dimple returns to his normal state and reappears in the final chapter of the manga series.

So, here we go – good news all round. Dimple is still not expected to make much of an impact – or appearances – in the upcoming episodes, but one thing is for sure – this won’t be the last time we see God Dimple. The latest mini hypnosis arc has just begun Mob Psycho 100 IIIand it still airs every Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET on Crunchyroll.

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