Did Logan just name Roman as Waystar Royco’s next CEO?

The last season of successor It’s just getting started, but Logan Roy (Brian Cox) wastes no time heating things up. We’re only two episodes old, and Waystar Royco’s dictator (we’d say CEO, but he feels more like a world leader) may have just chosen his heir.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 4 Episode 2 of successor“Sample.”)

At the start of this week’s episode, it was hard to believe that Logan would choose one of his rebellious children to be Waystar Royco’s next CEO. Lo and behold, it only takes one birthday message and a confrontation at Connor’s (Alan Ruck) dismal wedding rehearsal dinner to change his mind. A handful of offers are made in this episode – let’s unpack them all, from Kerry’s (Zoe Winters) new gig as presenter to starring in Roman (Kieran Culkin).

Logan’s full attention is on ATN early in the episode as he walks around the office like “Santa is a killer,” according to Greg (Nicholas Braun). In an effort to refresh the news department — and possibly get a gift in the bedroom as a thank you, yuck — Logan proposes Kerry as the show’s new host. Head of ATN Tom (Matthew MacFadyen) has no choice but to agree (although she has no experience), despite Logan refusing to comment on the matter. Kind of.

Kerry fails terribly. Remember the early 2010s when news bugs went viral online instead of TikToks and celebrity legal dramas? The good old days. successor remembers that time and creates a rapid-fire clip of Kerry’s mistakes. She laughs when she announces deaths. She waves her hands around like she’s a third grade teacher pointing at numbers on a graph. It’s a pain and a joy to watch, and everyone from Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Shiv (Sarah Snook) to Hugo (Fisher Stevens) and Gerri (J. Smith Cameron) keeps watching.

No one believes she can handle the gig. Then again, who has the balls to tell Logan he’s wrong and his girlfriend/assistant shouldn’t be on the news without a workout? Apparently the answer is Greg. For what feels like the umpteenth time this season, poor little cousin Greg has to face off against Uncle Logan. Tom forces the younger family member to break the bad news to Kerry. She doesn’t take it well. Greg tells her there was a “confidential focus group” to soften the blow. (There was actually no focus group.)

Perhaps Logan’s choice for the new lead ATN anchor was a bit off the mark. No big deal. A little hilarious mistake comedy never hurt anyone – certainly not in successor. But it seems Logan has been calling out to Waystar Royco’s CEO in the same vein of bad decisions. Perhaps?

Though the kids appeared united in their front against Logan, Roman appears to be a traitor. On his father’s birthday, Roman wrote to Logan to wish him well and to apologize for not showing up at his party. Roman plays it off like nothing – it’s just a few text messages! – but Shiv and Kendall accuse him of blasphemy.

When Logan comes to Connor’s rehearsal dinner, he apologizes for…well, everything it seems because the man can’t pinpoint a specific thing that hurt his kids. There are many! Still, it’s really wild to see Logan to apologize for nothing at all. You could say pigs have flown, but I’d argue that the whole barn is in heaven when Logan says he regrets some of the actions he took regarding his children’s involvement with Waystar.

The kids blow Logan away immediately, although Connor is quick to defend him. Logan says he missed seeing her on his birthday. They laugh in his face. Logan is tired of the games, so he offers them the deal of a lifetime: separate business and personal life. The three run Pierce, he runs Waystar, and they continue their personal lives together as a family. Big chance! Logan has molded his kids to be so enterprising that they have no interest in actually being his Children. It’s a harrowing moment to see these children reject their father’s love and security they so long for.

But one of them is actually interested in the idea of ​​reconnecting – but more in a business sense. Towards the end of the episode, Roman breaks his siblings’ trust once again. If anyone freaks out, it’s Roman, of course. Both Shiv and Kendall try to screw their dad completely with the GoJo sale, but Rome is the only one who sides with Daddio a bit.


Kieran Culkin, Alan Ruck, Sarah Snook, and Jeremy Strong.

Macall Polay/HBO

Roman takes the Walk of Shame to Logan, where his father makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

“I am reinventing ATN. I need a fire breather – a ruthless fucker who will do whatever it takes,” Logan says. “You’re not Pierce. Smart people know what they are.”

“You really want me at ATN?” Roman shoots back.

“More, Romulus,” Logan counters. “More. I need you.”

Sounds like the big CEO title for me! Logan has offered the position to both Shiv and Kendall in previous seasons, so I don’t think that pitch is really valid for Roman. Roman’s betrayal of his two siblings is the bigger twist here, as Logan seems to offer the job to a new kid each season. (Sorry Conn.) But since this is the last season of successorand there are only eight episodes left, this could be Logan’s final offer.

Keeping up with the Roys

While they may not be part of the main storyline, we still want to highlight the fiercest burns and sharpest moments successor. Here they are from this episode:

– Kendall starts voicing quotes from all the Buddhist bullshit he found online. (I’m not saying Buddhism is bullshit, I’m saying whatever Kendall believes Buddhism is bullshit.) “Nice Tom Fords, Buddha,” says Roman, immediately silencing his brother.

– After Willa (Justine Lupe) dumped Connor at their rehearsal dinner (a little better than the altar), Connor thinks he can do better than her. “You’re not doing any better than Willa, dude,” says Kendall. “Yeah, don’t throw them away,” Roman agrees. The hard realization…

– When Kerry faces an embarrassing confrontation from Greg for getting fired from ATN, he tells her that the “focus group” (uh huh) is completely confidential – even to Logan, the company’s CEO. Kerry fires back, “If this focus group isn’t real, I’ll pick you apart like human thread cheese.”

“This is Guantánamo-level shit.” This episode could be about almost anything – Tom’s treatment of Shiv in the midst of their divorce, Kerry’s hosting job, the entire rehearsal dinner – but no, it’s specifically about Connor doing karaoke. He chooses Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat. I might add this tune to my karaoke rotation for sheer camp value.

– We saw part of it in the trailer, but Logan really goes after his kids before breaking up with them: “You guys are such fucking idiots. You’re not serious characters,” he says. “I love you, but you’re not a serious person.”

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