Did ‘Loki’ Season 2, Episode 1 Easter Egg Foreshadow Marvel’s ‘X-Men’ Reboot?

Some MCU developments take so long to feel that you might as well be stuck in the ice like Captain America, while others show the effects so quickly like Quicksilver. The latter certainly seems to be the case with the just-announced X-Men reboot, which Marvel is reportedly finally working on now that the WGA strike is over and a writer can be found to write the script. No less than seven days after the publication of this first news, we received a hint about the X-Men in the next Marvel production that will hit theaters.

Loki Season 2 is a hugely important part of the ongoing multiverse saga and serves as an important next chapter in the threat of Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror. And maybe, just maybe, it also does its part to further the development of a completely different corner of the MCU. Or maybe we just see things that aren’t there, which is also possible. But let’s just use our imagination for a moment as we consider the question… is Loki Season 2: Building the X Men start anew?

Loki Season 2 premiere: Easter egg winks at the X-Men

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool/Jonathan Majors as Kang
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In Loki In Season 2, Episode 1, Loki and his friends’ plan to stop his time shifting revolves around the Temporal Loom, the powerful machine that keeps the Sacred Timeline under control. Essentially, Mobius must expose himself to the Loom’s dangerous temporal radiation so he can use the Temporal Aura Extractor created by OB to pull Loki out of the timestream and hopefully save him. But let’s forget that for now; What we’re particularly interested in is the shot in which the bulkhead doors to the Loom open as Mobis embarks on his dangerous mission.

Everything about the shot, from the framing to the design of the doors, is very reminiscent of Cerebro from the Fox X-Men films.

There’s little chance that such an obvious callback isn’t intentional, although it’s perhaps a bit of a stretch to say it was an intentional connection to the X-Men, since it’s hard to imagine how Cerebro and the TVA im MCU connected could be canon. However, this Easter egg could just be the beginning of a larger connection between them Loki Season 2 and the world of the X-Men.

How Loki Season 2 has the power to pave the way for that Deadpool 3 and beyond

Loki season 2
Image via Marvel Studios

One of the biggest open secrets of all Deadpool 3 is that an appearance by the TVA should be taken into account, which was confirmed by photos from the set. In fact, it’s been speculated that Owen Wilson and/or Tom Hiddleston might even appear as some of the threequel’s 512 cameos. Assuming we know there is a direct connection between them Loki and the X-Men franchise, so it’s really not that crazy to claim that this Cerebo Easter egg is just the start of something bigger.

For example, in Season 1, Mobius casually mentioned vampires, which was the first time such creatures had been mentioned in the MCU – a handy teaser blade. We know there are already mutants in this universe, but perhaps Mobius could release another casually canonical name-drop in Season 2, perhaps specifically for the X-Men. Or maybe to a rude guy in a red suit he met once.

However, when Ryan Reynolds shows up for a post-credits scene in the finale, it will be jaw-dropping.

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