Did Mindy Kaling have plastic surgery?

Mindy Kaling is an actress, writer and producer who captured the hearts of fans in the hit series 2005 as the lovable if chaotic Kelly Kapor The office. Since then, she has made some important changes, both professionally and personally. It’s hard to even recognize the quiet girl from the first season The office to the College Girls Sex Life Bombshell we now recognize as Mindy Kaling. But many fans are wondering if her transformation was all self-induced or if she had a little professional help — of the plastic kind. Here’s everything we know about Mindy’s foray into the world of plastic surgery.

One of the rumors that has haunted Mindy the most is about her weight loss. Fans are wondering if it was diet and exercise alone, or if she might have had a little help — of a surgical nature. However, in an interview with Hi! magazine, Mindy attributes her weight loss to a drastic change in attitude. She claims she changed her mindset from viewing exercise as “punishment” and instead viewed her overall lifestyle change as “active” and “healthy.” She claims that even small changes like walking 10 minutes versus sitting have helped with her weight loss and that she has added a variety of forms of exercise to her routine. She repeated these claims in an interview with People MagazineShe said she was able to lose weight without “restricting her diet.” While Mindy sticks by her claim that a few mindset changes account for her weight loss, it seems to make a dramatic difference for just a few small changes. Yet if Mindy has had any type of weight loss surgery, her lips are sealed.

It certainly looks like Mindy has had some botox and filler work done on her face, but then again, what modern celebrity hasn’t? In Hollywood these days, getting botox injections is as commonplace as celebrities getting their nails done. So while Mindy never came out straight and said she was getting facial injections, we can pretty much count on her doing it. The face of the 43-year-old is noticeably wrinkle-free and looks as smooth as fresh botox. She’s also rumored to have had at least a small amount of lip puffing, and the difference between her lips as Kelly Kapoor in season one and today is palpable. But as with her weight loss, she keeps her perfectly made-up lips sealed when she’s done anything.

Reddit and other social media are teeming with differing opinions, conspiracy theories and all sorts of thoughts about Mindy Kaling’s performance. Fans have even created entire videos showing Mindy’s before and after looks. Many wonder if she actually went under the plastic surgery knife, and if so, how much.

By far Mindy’s most controversial cosmetic procedure involves her alleged “skin bleaching.” Mindy’s family is from India and she has the darker skin and hair typical of the culture. However, fans couldn’t help but notice that her skin has appeared a little less dark over the years, especially from her first appearance The office to their modern look. So what’s the deal? Different makeup? A trick of the lighting? Or could she perhaps be involved in the practice of skin bleaching? The process makes darker skin lighter and is very controversial. Kaling has never spoken publicly about her involvement in the practice, but the difference in the color of her skin is noticeable. Though her fans claim everything from better lighting, makeup, Instagram filters, and even her active and healthy lifestyle could be contributing factors to her “radiant” skin.

Multi-talented Mindy has never looked better, but whether it’s due to good genetics or a whole lot of plastic surgery is her little secret. Despite her fan’s best efforts to find out.

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