Disturbed lefties fall on Manhattan

There has been no shortage of lunatics on the streets of New York following Trump’s indictment. Sara Gonzales, Chad Prather and Blake Kresses discussed insanity in The News & Why It Matters.

“It’s kangaroo court – banana republic. If we go that route, we’re doomed… It’s going to be really, really bad,” Prather said.

“The view on the left is, ‘Well, the founders aren’t here. This is our country now.” And it really is. We have [ceded] every institution of the radical left,” said Kresses.

Although a recent poll found that 70% of independent voters believe the indictment against Trump was a politically motivated hitman, the hosts were not optimistic about the likelihood of change.

Gonzales chimed in: “We just got through a midterm where we uncovered so much radical ideology. They try to teach all white kids in public schools that they are racist. You try to take care of your children. … You do all these things, and you would think, ‘OK, that would be the line. This is our line in the sand. We can not permit that; we have to do something else’ and [independents] still haven’t done it.”

However, the madness of the radicals will not be stopped by the silent majority.

Protesters rallied on Manhattan’s divided streets to support their causes. One woman in particular wore a white face and little else as she yelled in reporter Savanah Hernandez’s face.

“F*** white people,” the woman yelled.

The chaos unfolding in New York City shows where the state of our nation will go if the madness doesn’t end soon.

Watch the full video below:

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