Do we really need a Thor 5 solo movie?

Everyone seems to agree that Taika Waititi Thor: Love and Thunder was anything but impressive. The fans initially had high hopes. Finally, Thor: Ragnarok was a vast improvement over the Nordic hero’s previous solo outing. Furthermore, Waititi seemed to be able to do no wrong in anything he did. Still, the 2022 film was a disappointment. With that, many had decided that they were done with the New Zealander’s involvement Thor. Chris Hemsworth himself seemed to belong to this camp when he explained that a new film would need a very different tone.

Update September 7, 2023: This article has been updated due to recent rumors about Thor 5, as well as to reflect recent developments in the MCU.

The question is: should there be one? Thor 5? No hero in the MCU has ever gotten four solo films before, let alone a fifth, and Love and thunder seemed like a kind of farewell. The MCUAs a whole it took a new direction and for the most part it didn’t seem to need the God of Thunder. Thor is one of the last remnants of the original Marvel line of heroes, and each of them is slowly disappearing. It’s only a matter of time before it happens to Thor. Taika Waititi has hinted at the possibility Thor 5but does the MCU need this or should it continue?

A disappointing past

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First of all, Thor’s track record as a solo artist has been less than stellar. 2011s Thor however, was a solid debut film from Kenneth Branagh Thor: The Dark World is considered by some to be the worst Previous MCU films. Thor Ragnarok broke the Asgardian streak by being a thoroughly entertaining and relevant episode that finally gave fans hope that The God of Thunder could have a series of his own. Unfortunately, Taika Waititi failed to maintain his momentum Love and thunderleaving fans dejected.

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Waititi may have found the perfect formula to let Thor stand alone with the right balance between the craziness of the source material and the momentous destruction of Asgard. Despite its complete disregard for the source material, the film stood on its own by not taking itself too seriously and allowing a family melodrama to run through the story. However, Love and thunder didn’t take himself nearly seriously enough. After four films, perhaps it’s time to leave the stories of Thor and Asgard behind.

Thor’s story is largely resolved

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There has been a common theme in each of Thor’s appearances so far Love and thunder. At the beginning of his journey, Thor was naive and cocky, taking those closest to him for granted. Over time, he had to learn to appreciate and accept responsibility for the people in his life, with the pain of loss being his greatest teacher. Over the course of the Infinity Saga, Thor loses his parents, his friends, Loki (twice) and even his home. The pain of his losses haunted him Love and thunder. His entire development was determined by the people he lost and how he dealt with his grief through anger, depression and revenge.

All that changed in his latest film. Although he lost the love of his life, Jane Foster, Thor found new meaning in his loss by becoming a surrogate father to Love, the daughter of Gorr the God Slayer. With that in mind, despite everything he had lost, he still chose to put his pain aside in favor of love. A love he can keep and protect. A new purpose after everything else is gone. For this reason Love and thunder could be the best possible ending for the god of thunder. He found a chance to finally put down his hammer and protect what was most important by walking away from the board, much like Steve Rogers had done Avengers Endgame.

Chris Hemsworth’s health

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In the months following the release of the latest Thor In the film, Hemsworth was saddened by the news that he has two copies of APOE4, which significantly increases his risk of developing Alzheimer’s. The revelation led him to decide to take some time off from acting. However, the actor claimed that this is by no means his retirement.

Hemsworth plans to take preventive measures to ensure he doesn’t develop the disease, explaining that the news doesn’t mean he’ll definitely develop Alzheimer’s. Illness or not, Hemsworth has explained whether there is one Thor 5 or not, his next appearance as the character should probably be his last. In an interview with Vanity FairHemsworth had this to say:

“I feel like if I ever did it again we’d probably have to close the book, you know what I mean?” he said. “I feel like it probably warrants it. I feel like it would probably be the finale, but that’s not based on anything anyone has told me or any plans. There’s this birth of a hero, the journey of a hero, then the death of a hero, and I don’t know – am I at that stage? Who knows?”

Hemsworth’s time as Thor may be coming to an end. If he does indeed retire from the MCU, he will join the likes of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johannson, who have all completed their characters’ respective stories. But perhaps there is a better alternative for his character’s ending?

A Tony Stark capacity

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Fans will remember that while Tony Stark’s last solo film was in Phase 2, his presence continued throughout the MCU with cameos in various films. In this way, Tony was an anchor to the looming threat while everyone else was busy minding their own business. Maybe Thor can do the same? Thor could appear as a supporting actor in a number of Marvel Studios projects.

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Considering that Kang the Conqueror will likely become a major Thanos-level threat, if he isn’t already, the world is going to need Thor more than ever. Maybe he can appear in other films as a reminder of what’s to come. It would be a great way for Thor to interact with newer heroes. Thor wouldn’t have to play major roles in these films, but he could be used to further the main story.

His true final fight will be against Kang himself The Kang Dynasty. There was always a part of Thor that wished he could have sacrificed himself for his friends endgame if nothing else, so that others could have lived. Thor is one of the few people in the MCU who can give Kang a real fight, and fans would undoubtedly like to see it. This fight could be the one that sends Thor out in a blaze of glory, the only way he should be eliminated. Fans will have to wait and see how Thor’s story ends.

Combine Thor with other heroes

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Thor: Ragnarok Hulk, a character who hasn’t had a solo film since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, cleverly paired with the God of Thunder. If Marvel Studios does decide to make Thor 5, perhaps the best course of action is to make it less of a straight-up Thor movie and instead create a collaboration between Thor and a variety of characters that the MCU isn’t that familiar with really knows where to start. It’s unclear what the future holds for The Eternals, and their film ended on a major cliffhanger. Thor could join the team, and Thor 5 could be a final entry for them Thor franchise as well as a stealth Eternal 2.

If Thor is to move forward without Chris Hemsworth, it’s best to take on someone else’s role, as has happened with Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, and more recently Iron Man and Hawkeye. This was hinted at with his adopted daughter Love, who could become a powerful MCU character in her own right.

Hercules, who was teased at the end Thor: Love and Thunder, could also be the new resident god in the Avengers team. Given that Hercules has ties to characters like She-Hulk and the upcoming Ghost Rider in the comics, it makes sense for the franchise to swap out Thor and put Hercules front and center.

This combination of elements could make for a great Thor movie, especially since Taika Watiti seems to want to redeem herself with a final installment in the saga and Chris Hemsworth wants to see the final leg of Thor’s journey.

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