Donald Trump boasts of wealth while Lindsey Graham solicits donations on Fox News

A melodramatic Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was back on Fox News urging viewers to help indicted former President Donald Trump, who in a grievous speech by Mar-a-Lago earlier in the night insisted he ” lot of money.”

Just last Thursday, following the news that Trump had been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, an emotional Graham asked viewers of Sean Hannity’s Fox News show to “give the President some money to fight this bullshit!” Graham followed Tuesday with a similar plea after Trump’s indictment on 34 counts of forgery of business records.

After predictably criticizing former President Bill Clinton and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Graham pushed ahead with a fundraising website set up by WinRed.

“I don’t get a dime. I want you to give President Trump money,” he demanded. “Seventy percent of the money goes to President Trump. Thirty percent will help retake the Senate.”

“The move to a banana republic is set to win the House and Senate and re-elect Donald Trump in 2024,” Graham continued. “Help this man, help America while we still have a country worth saving.”

As of Monday afternoon, Trump’s campaign had raised $7 million since his indictment, his senior adviser Jason Miller said. tweeted. After Trump’s indictment, which didn’t include a mugshot, his campaign still sold a T-shirt with a fake mugshot to those who donated at least $47.

Following the FBI’s search for classified documents in Mar-a-Lago last August, those in the Trump camp were crowned with an influx of donations. However, the Federal Election Commission filings also showed a steep increase in spending, resulting in a net loss over a three-month period.

Speaking in Florida Tuesday night following his historic indictment, Trump boasted about banks “that I love a lot” and claimed he has “lots of money” after building a “fantastic business” with his family. Donald Trump boasts of wealth while Lindsey Graham solicits donations on Fox News

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