Donald Trump Gets A Biting Reality Check From Stormy Daniels, Who Had “Sex With Some Much Hotter People”.

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If donald trump had hoped the court order to pay $122,000 in attorney fees would break Stormy Daniels‘ Ghost, he couldn’t have been more wrong, which is saying a lot considering ‘wrong’ is like his middle name. If anything, she clapped back with even more ferocity.

That was the only Ruling in Trump’s favor – for which his son Eric Trump did his best, seemingly forgetting the 34 charges against his father that were still pending. But look at Daniels’ telltale TV interview with Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan uncensored (via New York Post) proves that the former adult star is not the least bit affected by the decision. In fact, she ripped a new one off Trump by confessing that the main reason she took the money from him was because she was embarrassed by their “no kiss and tell” sexual encounter Home alone‘s six-second cameo star.

“Actually, I took the money because I didn’t want anyone to know,” she said. Next, she dismantled constant claims that she was only pointing the finger at Trump because she was hungry for fame.

“And if I was just trying to get attention… I’ve had sex with some much hotter people who are famous. I would have told one of those stories!”

Ouch, that must hurt.

But apparently Daniels sat down for the interview with no intention of showing mercy, as Morgan reminded her of one of her tweets, in which she had spoken about seeing Trump naked and that “there’s no way he’d be scarier with his clothes on.” could be on,” she was quick to confirm that what she said was still “valid.” And true. I stand by it.”

Morgan and Daniels’ chat also covered the anomaly that Trump claimed he never had sex with the latter, and yet his former attorney Michael Cohen paid the former porn star $130,000 ahead of the 2016 election. At this point, Daniels cryptically implied that the hush money Trump gave her wasn’t for her alleged affair, but for something else.

This verbal diminutive is nothing new to Daniels, who regularly blasts Trump supporters on Twitter with classes for Trump University students on how to form genuinely witty insults or impart wisdom on how to get rid of evil forces. As for the $600,000+ in legal fees she was ordered to pay the ex-POTUS — $500,000 stems from the 2018 defamation lawsuit she filed against him but was dismissed — despite her claiming the Hasn’t addressed the new signing yet, she has determined she would prefer to go to jail than paying Trump a single dime.

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