Donald Trump happily uses the “N-word” under the cover to discuss Vladimir Putin

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Former President donald trump doesn’t seem like a smart man, but he sure is a man who knows how to get people’s attention when he needs to. His last ditch effort to achieve relevance includes Wladimir Putin, and a reference to a word that is heavily taboo in the United States. Whether he did it on purpose or not, only Trump knows.

Trump used his social media platform Truth Social to discuss Russia and its recent threats to deploy nuclear missiles in Belarus, a country bordering Russia to the north. Instead of using the word “nuclear” like a normal person would, he called it the “N” word.

Anyone who lives in the US and is a reasonable person knows that “the N-word” means something completely different here. It’s an acronym for a very discriminatory word used against black people, and it’s something that people generally don’t mess with at all.

Of course, that’s Trump, and he doesn’t seem to care about anything other than appealing to his base and regaining power.

“Let’s go!!! As I predicted, we’re going to play with the ‘BIG STUFF’ now. The ‘N’-WORD is now being used, front and center. This situation was caused by us – This is what happens when incompetent people Run your government. All I can say to you now is PRAY!”

Trump cited an article about NATO’s response to Putin’s threats. It takes quite a bit of ignorant mental jujitsu to blame Biden for this, but that’s only part of the Republican playbook — blame the other. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of this type of unfounded rhetoric as the campaign season progresses. Buckle everyone. Donald Trump happily uses the “N-word” under the cover to discuss Vladimir Putin

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