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Mental toughness expert Colleen Ryan-Hensley has created an online community to help those caught in the downward spiral of unhealthy eating.

AUSTIN, Texas – In 2022, the number of participants in Dry January grew to 35%, up from a previous peak of 21% in 2019, according to a report by CNN Business.

Dry January is a month-long break from alcohol consumption to restore people’s relationship with alcohol after the holiday season. In 2023, the percentage of Dry January participants is expected to increase as more sober, inquisitive Americans attempt to reset their health for the New Year.

With the start of Dry January from Sunday January 1st, Colleen Ryan Hensleya mental toughness expert, sexual assault survivor, and Navy veteran, launches #BingingSober.

#BingingSober is an online community dedicated to redefining mental toughness and helping those who may be stuck in the cycle of unhealthy habits. The #BingingSober process focuses on the value of taking time off from intoxication in all its forms, including alcohol, social media, food and more, rather than practicing abstinence from a single habit.

“Now I’m launching #BingingSober, which is a great addition to Dry January as it’s not only a process that not only challenges our relationship with alcohol, but an escape beyond alcohol that we’re turning to to improve our.” improve mental state. But they usually make us feel worse. You know, we watch, we eat, we drink, we shop all to feel better, and we end up feeling worse,” Ryan-Hensley said.

The mental toughness expert believes there are things like alcohol that are inherently toxic. But there are other things that people commonly use in their daily lives that are inherently toxic, such as video games, social media, and television.

“It’s the amount, the frequency, the impact they have on our lives. It’s how we judge ourselves when we use these things that makes them toxic to us. So the process itself really creates a lot of awareness, control and balance over how these things are really affecting our lives. And I’ve found over time that, like I said, it’s very slow and deliberate, which is extremely important for consistency,” said Ryan-Hensley.

If you decide to attend Dry January for just a month or for a long-term commitment, Ryan-Hensley says those on the fence are obviously questioning something.

“So I’d ask them to get really curious about what that is. Just like I said, give it one day, you know, take it one day at a time. The biggest part of Dry January that creates success is the community the bond that comes with practicing such things. Having that community and connection is key to motivation. This is of course one of the biggest changes for me. So I’m really excited to see how far that can go as a community with that connection,” Ryan-Hensley said.

It’s important to remember that real change comes slowly and intentionally, and according to Ryan-Hensley, every day is a new opportunity to move on.

“Beyond that, it helps you to be extra active in the process and really feel like you’re really paying attention with all your senses to how you’re feeling, what it’s like to withdraw from these things or to withdraw from these things contain. has a positive effect on you because it’s those small wins. If you can think of a day without alcohol, if you can think of a day without binge eating or whatever. And when you can feel that difference, it builds every day,” Ryan-Hensley said.

The online community is a scoring system, which Ryan-Hensley says makes things very objective and easy to reflect on. The points allow members to calculate and determine how participating in these habits affects your energy.

“So you move from habitual flight to purposeful flight. And it’s a very big difference. Just the general mentality, the mental state so distracted by these things. If you can make that connection to yourself and how these things are really affecting you. This is where self-regulation is improving,” Ryan-Hensley said.

Anyone can join the #BingingSober community starting January 1st by visiting her website here.

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