Dungeons & Dragons continues to defy expectations

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No one would have blamed you for putting a pretty penny on it Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves failing miserably at the box office, not to mention being absolutely savaged by the critics. Now that neither of those things happened, we’re wondering what this might mean for the future of the genre on the big screen.

One of the voice actors is now one of the youngest Resident Evil 4 Remake recently took down her Instagram page after hundreds of fans flooded her posts with scathing comments. Check out these stories and more below.

dungeons finally breaks the fantasy curse in the cinema and storms through the box office charts

The Cast of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves initially looked in the trailers like a fun action movie that you forget when you go home from the cinema. The film’s debut completely turned those expectations on their head, as the adaptation now surpasses box office estimates and breaks even for the studio in less than a week. Might this finally break the stigma surrounding fantasy flicks, or even provide a push D&D Live action universe?

warrior nun Showrunner doesn’t have anything new to say about the canceled series, but wants you to know he’s a big one war of stars cosplayers

warrior nun
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While warrior nun With fans still pushing to get the show back on Netflix, its showrunner Simon Barry is having the time of his life interacting with fellow geeks on social media. However, to his credit, he often finds creative new ways to bring up something warrior nun. The Canadian television producer recently praised a spot-on Ava Silva cosplay as a “fellow cosplayer.” When asked what he meant by that, he posted pictures of himself in Din Djarin’s Mandalorian costume and revealed that he’s taller war of stars fan than we knew.

Resident Evil 4 Voice actress deletes her Instagram account after receiving thousands of hate messages

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Rising to universal critical acclaim, the Resident Evil 4 Remake is currently on everyone’s lips. Most gamers credit Capcom for turning this nostalgic 2005 title into a fully fledged modern experience, but others are proving to have more difficult audiences. In particular, many don’t like some of the more subtle changes, like Lily Gao replacing Jolene Andersen as the voice of Ada Wong.

Sections of the community recently harassed Gao in her infinite wisdom on social media, once again fueling the argument that the internet is a mistake. The actress subsequently deactivated her Instagram page, a move that has in turn fueled a surge of love for her talent. In short, just another day in the endlessly confusing construct we know as the World Wide Web.

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/latest-fantasy-news-dungeons-dragons-movie-is-exceeding-expectations-by-far-as-resident-evil-4-actor-shuts-down-social-media-account-due-to-abusive-comments/ Dungeons & Dragons continues to defy expectations

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