Eili Harboe shakes up the succession and goes to The Architect

Eili Harboe is burning up social media lately. The talented actor caused a stir this spring as the brooding Ebba in the final season succession, and she’ll surely keep the intrigue going by playing Julie, a beleaguered intern in the upcoming dystopian dark comedy. The architect, Streaming begins June 1st on Viaplay. Later more.

Let’s talk to Ebba, who gave the audience a lot to think about successor heading for the grand finale of the series. Ebba could change the game as the Roy kids – Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Sarah Snook) – fight for control after daddy Logan’s (Brian Cox) ill health. As Head of Communications at GoJo, Ebba knows all about the dodgy Lukas Matsson, played by Alexander Skarsgård, who’s extra fat on the slick here. Ebba is also Lukas’ ex-girlfriend, and she’s already revealed a few things about her brave employee as the shaky takeover of Waystar and GoJo continues to falter. What’s next?

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Fan theories abound. Could Ebba be the key character that rocks everything? high? There are theories circulating about Ebba; As a matter of fact, This was recently announced by Collider’s Julio Bardini“I want Ebba to burn everything down.”

We’ll see how all of this plays out on Sunday successor Finale on Max. Meanwhile, Harboe told MovieWeb more about the hit series and her new role in Viaplay’s wacky new gig. The architect. Continue reading.

The successor was a big surprise

“I’m looking forward to the finale being broadcast. There are many theories and it was interesting to hear and read how people think the show will end and how it all comes together. I was excited to meet myself,” Harboe said successor great work.

“Be a part of it successor was incredible,” she added. “It was my first international project ever and I got the part two days before shooting the first scene. I just had to get started but didn’t have time to really delve into it. Also, the episodic scripts are continuously written during the shooting. So there were even people from the Main successor Cast members who didn’t know how this story would unfold during filming. When I was shooting the first episode, I didn’t know that Ebba would be part of the story in the future.”

Big surprise all around. Since then, Harboe, like many others on the show, has remained in the dark about how the storyline would unfold and which Roy child—if any—would take the company crown.

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“I was so excited to be part of more episodes and had the opportunity to shoot in New York. I loved working with the crew,” Harboe said. “Of course they are super professional. I was also very excited to work on the 35mm film for the series, which I hadn’t done since my first feature film 12 years ago. The technical aspects of it, just watching it, is like going to film school.”

From the successor to the architect

Eili Harboe in The Architect on Viaplay

Harboe’s new series is a refreshing surprise. Timely, insightful, daring and edgy, The architect offers bold observations on privilege, connection and the global housing crisis, all set against a backdrop of Olso architecture and Scandinavian design (the series is in Norwegian with English subtitles). Expect plenty of dark humor and situations that many people struggling with finance can relate to and pursue creative careers among them.

Harboe plays Julie The architect, One woman always held back due to a lack of financial enthusiasm. Recently, co-creators Nora Landsrød and Kristian Kilde were honored with the Viaplay Original Talent Awards when the series received a special mention at the Berlinale Series Festival. The awards are a student initiative that provides mentoring, production resources and streaming distribution through Viaplay, the Nordic region’s leading streamer. It was recently introduced in North America.

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“The show is set in a very dynamic, creative environment with ambitious people,” Harboe said of the show, noting that her character consistently faces rejection from the privileged architects she works with. “Most of her colleagues are so lame. They are just ridiculous in their pursuit of prestige. I think maybe people will find that interesting. At least that is my hope.”

Eili Harboe on her Architect character

The architect-

The events take place in the “near future” and there are some strange things to see here. In fact, Julie from Harboe ends up living in an abandoned parking garage that’s curtained off because she just can’t afford the astronomical rent.

“Julie caught my eye as a character. She’s ambitious but also uncompromising, which I like,” Harboe shared. “I like the fact that sometimes she doesn’t necessarily take the most empathetic of ways. She’s kind of emotionally unavailable and doesn’t want to spoil anything, but the ending is surprising.”

As well as successor. When asked what they think viewers take away from the show, which also stars Fredrik Stenberg Ditlev-Simonsen and Alexandra Gjerpen (As I fall), Harboe said, “It’s definitely a cynical take on the world, but in a satirical and hopefully entertaining package. I hope people can see that. It’s very timely.”

The series finale of successor will air Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Max. The architect Premiered on Viaplay on June 1st.

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