Elden Ring: Every Sacred Tear Spot

holy tears are consumable items in Elden Ring that can be found in churches. They are used at places of grace to increase potency Flasks of Crimson and Sky Blue Tears. Increasing the potency of the Sacred Flask will correspondingly restore more HP and FP.

This guide shows the location of each Sacred Teardrop in The Lands Between and provides instructions on how to reach them.

Holy Tear of Limgrave

  • Third Church of Marika: Of the Lake Agheel to the north Place of Grace Follow the road south over the bridge. Once you’ve crossed the road, head north until the road forks, and then east to the Mistwood outskirts place of grace. From there just follow the road Third Church of Marika. This church also contains the Flask of Wondrous Physicsa highly customizable flask that can provide a variety of beneficial effects.
Third Church of Marika, Limgrave

Holy Tear of the Weeping Peninsula

This area at the bottom of the map is the perfect place to farm a few levels before taking Stormveil Castle. It has three churches in relatively close proximity that you can use to charge up the Holy Bottle before taking on the game’s tougher challenges.

  • pilgrimage church: Of the South of the observation tower Place of Grace head west until you cross the bridge. Follow this road north to the church
  • Baptistery Callu: Of the Ramparts of Castle Morne Place of Mercy go west until there is a stake from Marika. Follow the road to a fork and turn right. Keep going north until there are raving-eyed rats.
  • Fourth Church of Marika: Of the pilgrimage church Place of Grace head west through the plains to the Walking Mausoleum. Head north once the church is in sight.
Fourth Church of Marika, Callu Baptistery and Sanctuary, The Weeping Penisula

Liurnia Holy Tear

  • Church of Irith: Of the Seaside cliffs Place of Grace Follow the road west a short distance to the Church of Irith is left.
  • Bellum Church: Go through the northern seal from the Academy main gate Place of grace to teleport across the bridge. Follow the road. If it’s night, there will be a night cavalry. Bellum Church is on the left, off the path after the rubble.
  • Church of Inhibition: Of the Raging Flame Village Outskirts Southwest through the village. Stay west all the way through the village, then follow the path northeast up the hill. That Church of Inhibition will be at the top of the hill to the northwest. There is an intruder attack near the entrance of the church.
Church of the Inhibition and the Church of Bellum, Liurnia

Sacred Tear of the Altus Plateau

The Altus Plateau contains two Sacred Tears. You are at the Second Church of Marika and the Church of the Stormcallers.

  • Second Church of Marika: start at the Interchange Altus Place of Grace located down the road the Grand Lift by Dectus. Follow the road north and climb down the cliff on the left to find it Second Church of Marika. Once Brother Corhyn leaves the Round Table, he will be on this road near the map. This is the second trigger of his quest – here is a guide detailing his quest.
  • Stormcaller Church: start at the Wallweg Place of Mercy and head west until a statue is holding someone holding someone. Head south from there and there should be a church in sight to the west.
Second Church of Marika, Stormcallers Church, Altus Highway Junction

Caelid Holy Tear

There is only one Sacred Tear in Caelid and it is in the Church of the Plague.

  • Church of the Plague: This church can be entered after breaking the seal of the city of Sellia. Just light the fires on the towers and the seal will break. Touch grace and follow the path to the church. Milicent can be found in this church and her quest can be started.

mountain peaks of the giants

  • Church of Tranquility: Head west from the Foot of the Forge Sanctuary. There is an NPC invasion outside of the church.
  • First Church of Marika: Of the Icy Lake Place of Grace go southeast all the way across the lake. The church is on the other side.
First Church of Marika, Church of Repose, Mountaintops of the Giants map

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