EVE Galaxy Conquest is a new mobile 4X strategy game in the EVE Online universe

EVE Online has had some of the biggest PvP battles in gaming history, but you can only fly one ship at a time. EVE Galaxy Conquest takes place in the same universe, but from a completely different perspective. It’s a 4X multiplayer strategy game that puts you in command of your own outpost and an entire fleet.

The factions and warships should be familiar to EVE fans, but you’ll be able to command large numbers of them without having to yell at a bunch of mercenaries for discord to stick to the damn plan.

In typical 4X fashion, a push into a contested star sector begins with a humble fortress surrounded by unexplored space that can be conquered, exploited for resources and fought over. Galaxy Conquest is PvP-centric and offers the opportunity to form alliances with other players and stab them in the back to reach the center of the map and face a difficult final challenge. This involves exploration, mining resources, building and upgrading fleets, and navigating player-driven politics, similar to MMOs.

Galaxy Conquest has a seasonal structure, with each season representing a fresh start with new mechanics and ships. Each season will last a few months. Some progression will be account-wide, but unlike in EVE Online, where mastering an area of ​​space may require endless vigilance, jumping in at the start of a season lets you stake your own claim without having to navigate decades of entrenched politics. We’ll also meet some important NPCs from the EVE universe, many of whom have never been given a canon glimpse before.

EVE Galaxy Conquest will be soft-launched for Android and iOS later this year. CCP Shanghai has not yet announced any plans for a PC version, but is not ruling it out as a possibility. Likewise, we haven’t learned anything certain about the monetization, except that it will be similar to other free mobile strategy games.

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