Facebook Messenger added multiplayer games to video calls

Facebook Messenger now lets users play multiplayer games together during video calls, so you can see your friend’s exact facial expression as they type a 120-dot word words with friends.

Announced on Tuesday(Opens in a new tab), Messenger’s new multiplayer gaming feature, works on both desktop and the Android and iOS mobile apps, and comes with a small catalog of 14 games at launch. These games include Facebook stars such as words with friends, Werewolves from SilvertonAnd Mini golf FRVRas well as titles new to the platform such as card wars And Exploding kittens.


Facebook is discontinuing its standalone gaming app

Not all games in Facebook Messenger’s modest lineup are suitable for all chat groups. While Exploding kittens offers space for up to five players, words with friends only goes for two. However, this selection will continue to grow as Facebook says it will be adding more games in the future.

Game developers interested in making their titles available on Messenger are directed to contact their partner manager.

Facebook shut down its Facebook gaming platform last year, moving games and streams to the gaming section of the main app. However, it is clearly not done with its attempts to combine its social network with social gaming.

How to Play Multiplayer Games in Facebook Messenger

Starting a multiplayer game in Facebook Messenger is pretty easy. First, users need to start a video call with whoever they want to play with. If you’re on mobile, tap the group mode button in the middle of the menu bar. Then simply click or tap the game controller icon to browse and select the selection of games on offer.

https://mashable.com/article/facebook-messenger-games-multiplayer-video-words-with-friends Facebook Messenger added multiplayer games to video calls

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