FBI Crossover Flashback: John Boyd Discusses Aftermath of Pregnant Nina Shot

The following contains spoilers from April 4th FBI crossover event.

As 3-Way from CBS FBI Crossover event coming to an end, not just Special Agent Stuart Scola Help save the lives of thousands of New Yorkers (although not with any bomb disposal skills!), he may have gotten a life partner out of business.

In the opening hours of the crossover (the FBI: International episode), Nina Chase (played by FBI‘s Shantel Van Santen) was shot while helping the Fly Team storm a house in Italy where some terrorists were staying. Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) had to race back to New York to further investigate the looming threat, so he asked Forrester (Luke Kleintank) to stay with the hospitalized pregnant Nina, whose condition was extremely tense.

In the second hour (the FBI episode), Jubal and Isobel (Alana De La Garza) made the difficult but prudent decision not Scola reveal that Nina was shot while he was busy running an already precarious undercover operation. Unfortunately, in the course of said UC work, Scola got wind of an FBI agent being gunned down in Italy. Forrester, unaware that Jubal was keeping his team in the dark, confirmed Scola’s worst fears over the phone.

“When Scola learns that Nina was shot. The first thing that goes through his mind is how he will find out such a betrayal” FBI‘s John Boyd to TVLine. “It is absolute not OK.”

Still, Jubal and Isobel were right. “What must Scola’s leaders do, what decision must they make to save thousands of lives?” Boyd said. “And that’s hard to hear, that’s it not about you.”

Still, that didn’t make Scolas bosses any less of a target for his seething anger. “He can’t be there [for Nina in Italy], there’s nothing he can do, so the only thing he can do is respond to the people who have kept it from him,” says Boyd. “It really pisses him off.”

FBi Scola Nina

At the end of the third hour (the FBI: Most Wanted episode) – after the planned bombing of John F. Kennedy International Airport was averted – Scola made his way to Rome and reunited with Nina at her hospital bed.

“How do you feel?” he asked the stabilized patient.

“I’ve been better before.”

“What about the baby? Is he alright?”

“I think so,” Nina said, placing Scola’s palm on her stomach. “Felt him kick…”

Then Scola looked carefully at Nina and summed up in three not so small words everything he had felt, so far away and helpless.

I love you.”

“I love you too,” Nina replied through tears. “A lot.”

Looking back at the couple’s first ILYs, Boyd acknowledges that Nina’s encounter with death “put her in a catastrophic situation and it’s made people closer.”

“It really deepens their relationship,” he adds, “and hopefully they make a decision to be together and love each other.”

What did you think of the fear of Nina and the crossover as a whole?

https://tvline.com/2023/04/04/fbi-recap-crossover-nina-shot-scola-i-love-you-john-boyd/ FBI Crossover Flashback: John Boyd Discusses Aftermath of Pregnant Nina Shot

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