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Last week I said Kobe was one of my favorite 90 Day Dads. I asked him not to disappoint me. This episode, of course, takes its title from a fight between Kobe and Emily. Emily is used to breastfeeding in front of her family, which Kobe finds odd. He also finds it odd that Emily is still breastfeeding at seven months. In light of the infant formula shortage, the whole nation recently took a crash course in how breastfeeding works, so it’s totally fair for Emily to approach her breastfeeding journey the way she sees fit!

This initially seems like a cultural difference, but becomes a question of power dynamics. Kobe wants to make it clear how he expects a woman to talk to him. Emily raised her child the way she wants. I had faith these two would make it, but when Emily throws Kobe out of bed and forces him to sleep alone, I was just as concerned as Emily’s parents. Also kudos to her parents for staying out of the fight. When these two make mistakes, they cannot blame their family’s influence.

Shaeeda is meeting with Bilal’s kids this week and it’s as bad as their other family gatherings have gone! Bilal obviously hasn’t said a word to his kids about his intentions with Shaeeda and they have no idea how to approach her. The kids bring up the baby issue and Bilal reignites Shaeeda. Of course, the kids won’t feel comfortable calling her Umi when it seems like she hardly knows her father! Shaeeda said she wants kids! Make a choice, Bilal! Shaeeda just wants to know if it’s worth staying in America for kids or if she should start her family at home.

Relationships are doomed to fail when they start this kind of manipulation and that’s why I’m also looking forward to the train wreck that Patrick and Thais will be. I really wanted to believe in their love story, but Thais didn’t even tell her dad the truth! It’s hard to believe that she really believes in this marriage if she hasn’t even told her father about it. Thais has an escape plan! I’m about to hear Patrick’s brother, John Thais, ask incredibly pointed questions until the wheels fall off this thing.

As messy as Thais and Patrick seem, they can’t beat Ari and Bini. Ari has already told us that her parents got them an apartment, but she also insists that her mother forced her into a two-bedroom apartment. After they move in, Ari’s mother makes it clear that she expects Ari to pay the rent, and Ari is shocked. She blames her mother for getting the more expensive apartment, but if that was an issue, I’m sure Ari could have insisted that Janice stick to her budget. Instead, Ari is just shocked that her parents would expect her to pay utility bills and rent! Girl what were you thinking! Look for a job! She knows that Bini cannot work, has she just moved to America with her family to live off her parents?

When it comes to Kara and Guillermo, I have a feeling she just brought him in for fun. Even Kara’s family says she wasn’t serious about anyone. Her family is polite enough, even with their weird, intimidating stalker talk, but they know these are two naïve kids. Remember: this woman’s full-time job is balloons! balloons! This is not the job of a serious woman who can support a husband! Guillermo looks like he feels Kara isn’t exactly a responsible adult, but he’s ready to grow up if it means a new life in America.

Yve and Mohamed celebrate his first morning in America, which turns into a rather sad affair when Yve has to go to work. Pretty quickly, Mohamed shows us that he doesn’t know how to cook or take care of himself. I’m pretty sure he didn’t eat or do anything until Yve got home. When he asked Yve to sprinkle ketchup on his plate, I had memories of my childhood as a babysitter. I don’t know why Yve just ignores those huge red flags, but their cultural differences don’t even seem to be on their radar.

We’ve finally met all our couples for the season, but Breast Intentions doesn’t even seem to scratch the surface of the drama to come. Maybe it’s just because this episode had a lot less of a Boston accent, but it felt like we just revisited the inserts we already know exist for each couple. I’m ready for Yve’s friends to meet Mohamed! I want Shaeeda to force the baby talk! I want Kara to get drunk and show Guillermo that she’s not ready for marriage! While this may have been a slow early episode, there’s still enough on the table this season to keep me interested.

• Emily’s parents tried so hard to stay in the background during this fight. However, you’re right, it’s not a good sign that these two are already fighting. Also, your child will have to get used to Kobe! Let them spend the night together!

• I understand why Yve hired someone for this bidet, I got one and still haven’t fitted it. It is difficult! I don’t think Mohamed is ready to babysit!

• Bilal may be this season’s villain, but his kids are awesome! you are so smart I loved daughter’s diplomatic response to calling Shaeeda’s mom! “I’ll definitely take that into account.” Fair!

• Thai people, listen to your family. You won’t like living in this sorority house!

• Shaeeda has a strong support system, she will be fine without Bilal! I like that she has people to turn to, a lot of people are on their own this season.

• I like the nickname “New Jersey Bini”.

• Shaeeda really loves this new house, doesn’t she? Fiancé 90 Day Recap: Season 9 Episode 5: “Breast Intentions”

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