Filmmakers Speak Out About ‘Sociopath’ Jonathan Majors After His Arrest

Until yesterday, Jonathan Majors rode the crest of the wave as one of the biggest breakout stars the industry has seen in years, with the actor soaring high as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest major villain and the antagonist of the blockbuster Creed IIIwhile his main performance in Magazine Dreams caused quite a stir at the start of the awards season.

However, after it was revealed that the 33-year-old had been arrested in New York City following allegations of assaulting a woman, it didn’t take long for the floodgates to open. While Majors and his team have denied any wrongdoing and vowed to clear his name after the headline-grabbing incident, filmmaker AB Allen revealed that Lovecraft country Alum was the unnamed character behind a tweet originally posted in February of this year.

Allen then doubled down on her opinion and expressed personal hopes that the wheels would fall off the majors’ entire careers, but not before stressing that due to the potentially disturbing and inflammatory nature of the tweets, they won’t delve deeper into the matter for now.

However, Allen’s explosive revelations were nothing compared to what the Society Theater co-founder and Broadway veteran was Tim Nicolai Had to say, though the actor-director has since deleted his own posts claiming Majors is “a sociopath and an abuser, and that’s pretty much how everyone talks about him.” Too bad it took so long to get reported.”

When asked why he too remained silent, Nicolai explained that the story “ultimately needed a victim to come forward. It’s both terrifying to know he’s still doing this and a relief he may never get again. A few of us are close to people (and sometimes multiple people) he directly harmed. I don’t know if they will talk about it. It’s entirely your choice.”

Nicolai has since made his Twitter page private, no doubt due to the explosive nature of the tweets since deleted, but he additionally noted that “literally people [Majors] did this to text me right now. It’s not ‘I heard’.”

So far, neither Majors nor its representatives have responded to the further allegations, but We Got This Covered has requested comment and will update accordingly.

If you are experiencing domestic violence or if you think someone you know is being abused, speak up The National Domestic Violence Hotline. The hotline can be reached at 1-800-799-SAFE, can be contacted online through the hotline’s website, or by texting “START” to 88788. Filmmakers Speak Out About ‘Sociopath’ Jonathan Majors After His Arrest

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