Find all of Murdaugh’s films, documentaries and podcasts to learn more about the tragic Southern scandal

The history of the Murdaugh Family murders have made headlines as one of the most infamous true crime stories of our time.

It tells the story of a prominent family of lawyers who believed they were above the law, but then found themselves completely on the other side of the law. In this clan, no one has clean hands and each new revelation proved more scandalous than the last. It’s really no wonder the story has spawned retellings on so many platforms and in so many media. It seems that everyone wants a part of the story and the public wants to know how the Murdaugh family dynasty went from being a legal heir to being a murder heir. We’ve dug deep to find all the places you can tune in to hear this incredible true story unfold.

The Murdaugh family first attracted negative press attention when Paul Murdaugh, son of renowned South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh, was involved in a boating accident. The accident caused several injuries and one death when 19-year-old Mallory Beach was thrown from the boat and killed. It turned out that Paul was heavily drunk at the time of the accident, which put him in the spotlight for murder. But Paul apparently wasn’t the only Murdaugh with deadly intentions, as there were ultimately five murders, all linked to the family.

The first documentary about the family came out in 2022 and was soon followed by numerous series, documentaries, podcasts and now a Lifetime film. The family’s dark story continues to unfold today, and here are all the places to learn all about the Murdaugh murders.

Murdaugh Murders: A Scandal in the South (Netflix)

Murdaugh Murders: A Scandal in the South The first season of Netflix premiered on Netflix in 2023. It was the beginning of the Murdaugh murder craze, as it was the first multi-part investigation into the case. There were exclusive interviews with those who knew her best, including family friends and survivors of the infamous Mallory Beach boating accident that killed 19-year-old Mallory Beach. The documentary also featured interviews with Mallory’s parents as legal battles between the Beaches and remaining family members continue. The documentary series was such a success that Netflix announced a second season to follow the ongoing story of the family’s legal troubles and the ongoing conviction of family patriarch Alex Murdaugh.

Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty (HBO)

Lowland was the HBO version of the Netflix series and was released just before it in 2022. Lowland took an even deeper look at the Murdaugh family’s legal legacy, which dates back to 1910. It explored how the family dynasty ruled in their small town of Hampton, South Carolina. But as they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it seemed like the corruption was absolute when it reached Alex Murdaugh and his family. The Murdaughs used the power of their family name to commit many crimes, including ultimately murder. This HBO Max documentary examines exactly how they did it.

Murdaugh Murders: Deadly Dynasty (Discovery)

A legal dynasty became a death dynasty. Five bodies, one family. It’s quite a claim to fame, or at least notoriety. The three-part Investigation Discovery series looks at the Murdaugh family and how exactly their legal dynasty turned criminal. ID delves into the investigative aspects of the case, providing body camera footage, 911 calls, security footage and all the exclusive behind-the-scenes looks ID is known for. For a more investigative look at the case, check out ID’s comprehensive documentary series.

American Greed: The Decline of a Dynasty (NBC)

The NBC American greed The series takes a look at the financial fraud aspects of the Murdaugh case. It emerged that Alex Murdaugh had been using his law firm’s resources, including his own clients’ settlements, to finance his ever-increasing opioid addiction. He even retained a sizable settlement that belonged to the sons of his former beloved housekeeper. His housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield, appeared to be another Murdaugh family victim who died under mysterious circumstances in the family home. Alex Murdaugh, who claimed to be filing suit on behalf of the son, withheld their entire $4 million settlement. American greed shows how Murdaugh was able to put his plans into action and steal millions of dollars from other people’s money.

20/20: Murdaugh Family Murders (ABC)

Murdaugh family murders is actually the second 20/20 documentary about the family. The first premiered in 2022 with the title Fall of the House of Murdaugh. However, as the ongoing saga continued to unfold, it became clear that a sequel was needed. The sequel was able to capture aspects of the trial and legal implications that some of the previous documentaries could not. It also gave insight into one of the final bizarre chapters of the true crime case, in which Alex Murdaugh himself almost lost his life. Then, as the book closed one legal chapter of Murdaugh’s life, a new one began, with him sitting on the other side of the law and the courtroom. Watch it all unfold through this 20/20 exclusive.

Murdaugh Murders: The Movie (Lifespan)

The Lifetime premiere of Murdaugh Murders: The Movie will be the first actor-portrayed account of the Murdaugh family scandal. While many documentaries have explored the subject, this will be the first time we’ve seen actors take on the role of the infamous family, and what an all-star cast it is too! Alex Murdaugh is played by Hollywood star Bill Pullman, with Curtis Tweedie as Paul Murdaugh and Lauren Robek as Maggie. The highly anticipated release turned into a two-day premiere, garnering a lot of media attention and even being reported by news outlets. Rumor has it that the film will offer an exclusive, in-depth look into the Murdaughs’ family life and family dynamics, and may shed light on their motivations. Watch the lifelong retelling of this infamous murder mystery.

Murdaugh Murders (True Sunlight) Podcast

The True Sunlight Podcast (formerly Murdaugh Murders Podcast) is one of the most popular podcasts on this case. With an impressive 100 episodes and counting dedicated to this topic, each one takes a close look at the individual crimes and general mayhem perpetrated by the family. With episodes like “What Happened to Gloria Satterfield” and “Who Shot Alex Murdaugh,” it offers an incredibly detailed look at the case, crime by crime. Each episode deals with a different aspect of the case. So if you’re looking for a starting point to get the full picture, start here!

The trial of Alex Murdaugh Podcast

Alex Murdaugh Podcast
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The trial of Alex Murdaugh, produced by True Crime Today, is, as the name suggests, more focused on the ongoing Alex Murdaugh trial. With over 500 episodes, the main goal is to continue the saga of Murdaugh’s legal implications and provide updates week after week and for each trial. It breaks down the legal aspects of the case, from jury selection to attorney selection and all the details in between. The podcast also delves into the family’s background, provides context and looks for motives, including an episode titled “How Alex Murdaugh Was Raised To Feel No Shame.” For fresh, up-to-date coverage of one of the most watched trials of the decade, this is the podcast for you.

Impact of Influence Podcast: Murdaugh Family Murders

Some people wield power with authority and insight, others use it as a weapon. The Murdaugh family used their power and influence as a convenient cover for their criminal misdeeds. The hit podcast Effects of influence by Matt Harris and Seton Tucker deals with exactly this topic. The dynamic duo examines the role of power, influence and greed in this case and how they allowed a man and his family to get away with murder. Almost.

Understand the Murdaugh Podcast

The I understand Murdaugh The podcast is produced by The Post and Courier, South Carolina’s largest newspaper. It is compiled by the newspaper’s hard-working and very knowledgeable reporters. It ran for 50 episodes and also includes a bonus episode of the auction of the Murdaugh family property and estate, which is fascinating in itself. Accuracy and intrigue are the characteristics of this podcast game. So if you’re looking for a podcast that delivers the facts, this one is for you.

Given the publicity, it’s no wonder there are so many documentaries, films and podcasts dedicated to this topic, all featuring top experts. With this extensive list of what’s out there, you too can now learn all the details behind the family dynasty that has become synonymous with death.

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