Fired UCF professor rehired after controversial tweets about race

A University of Central Florida professor who was fired for posts he made on Twitter has been reinstated with back pay following a judge’s decision.

UCF associate professor of psychology Charles Negy has been fired from his position at the university. His termination followed “furor” around ideas he shared on his personal Twitter account.

Negy commented on a video clip by David Rubin Interview with Larry Elder – who tore up the dogma of systemic racism.

Negy tweeted in June 2020: “Honest question: If African Americans as a group had the same behavioral profile as Asian Americans (on average, best academic performers, highest income earners, lowest crime offenders, etc.), we would still do it proclaim that ‘systematic racism’ exists?”

The professor posted another tweet – which has since been deleted – which read: “Black privilege is real: alongside affirmation action, special grants and other reserves, it’s a privilege to be protected from legitimate criticism.”

The professor reportedly then received a backlash from his students and other university faculty for his personal opinions.

There were organized protests, e.g Petition with nearly 35,000 signatures calling for university brand Negy and Twitter hashtag #UFCFireHim.

In January 2021, Negy was discharged from the University of Central Florida. The university also claimed that his termination had nothing to do with his tweets, but rather with student complaints that he allegedly created a hostile learning environment. The school claimed Negy was partially discharged over an alleged incident in February 2014 when he allegedly “did not report that a student disclosed being sexually assaulted by one of your teaching assistants.”

However, a referee overturned the school’s decision and ordered UCF to return Negy to his old job and pay him the salary he missed after being fired.

“Sometime in 2020, an uproar erupted over tweets from his Twitter account, activities unrelated to his duties and also protecting freedom of expression,” Arbitrator Ben Falcigno wrote in his award opinion on May 16th. “The following is a campaign by UCF to learn more about Dr. Find out Negy’s teaching performance as reported by his students. UCF reaches out to former students and receives a range of replies, noting that serious misconduct has been occurring for years and complaining that there is no misconduct detection system in place to alert management to such disrepute. And the misconduct is so great that the only option is immediate termination.”

Said Negy WOFL“I want to go back. I want to stand up for free speech and academic freedom. They fired a staff professor… me. They immediately cut me off from my income, which they can’t do unless there’s a legitimate reason. “

“The purpose of a university is not to make people feel comfortable,” he added. “This is not a church. This is not a social gathering. The purpose of a university is to make you uncomfortable and make you think about things.”

Said Negy Legal Uprising“The fact that a university would conduct a front-line investigation with a foregone conclusion to fire a tenured professor because the professor does not conform to the ideology of ‘Diversity/Equity/Inclusion’ (DEI) is pretty gross in my opinion . University of Central Florida (UCF) researched my entire 22-year career with them in search of something –anything– which they thought they could use to justify their firing from me.”

Negy told the outlet that he expects to file a lawsuit against UCF in the near future.

“UCF administrators (and all university administrators) need to get the message that they cannot simply ‘clean up’ or even discipline professors who don’t conform to the DEI ideology they are imposing on the entire university campus,” he added.

Negy said he plans to return to teaching in the fall.

Rules of Referee terminated UCF professor to be reinstated Fired UCF professor rehired after controversial tweets about race

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