Five arrested in Dadeville shooting and charged with 145 counts; including reckless murder, first degree assault

TALLAPOOSA COUNTY, Alabama (WRBL) – On Monday, the Tallapoosa County grand jury reconvened at the request of District Attorney Mike Sergest.

According to the District Attorney’s Office of the Fifth Judicial Circuit, an indictment was presented to Judge Isaac Whorton and read in court Monday, relating to the April 15 shooting at a birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, that killed four people came and 32 people died injured.

As a result, five people previously arrested and charged with reckless murder were charged with reckless murder, and new charges against the survivors who were also shot.

The following people were charged in the shooting:

  • Willie Brown, 20
  • Johnny Brown, 19
  • Wilson Hill, 19
  • Youth (1), 16
  • Youth (2), 17

According to the district attorney’s office, the 145-count indictment names the five people listed above and includes reckless murder charges for the four deceased victims — making a total of 20 counts of reckless murder and 24 counts of first-degree assault for the 24 victims who sustained gunshot wounds, representing 120 cases First degree assault.

The indictment also charges all five people with one count of third-degree assault for each defendant who sustained “a superficial gunshot wound.”

If found guilty, each defendant faces a possible sentence of 20 years to life imprisonment for each of the four fatalities, and a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 20 years in prison for all 24 counts, according to prosecutors First degree assault.

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