Florida mom abandoned child while skidding on Mother’s Day: police

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — Police say a Florida mother has been arrested for allegedly abandoning her child on Mother’s Day.

NBC affiliate WESH reported that Taylor Brewer, 30, made his first court appearance Thursday after being arrested on charges of unlawful extradition of a child and child molestation.

Daytona Beach police said Brewer’s 11-year-old son got into a 7-Eleven on South Atlantic Avenue while crying Sunday.

“Here’s a little boy. He said his mother left him,” the salesman said while calling 911. “His mother left him at the slingshot.”

According to police, the child was staying with Brewer and his younger sibling at a nearby hotel.

The police report said the child told officers Brewer had put the younger brother into their car during the skid, but did not let him into the vehicle and stabbed the child in the stomach with the car keys before driving.

Police said they found a family friend who was taking care of the child, who told them the friend had taken care of him before. According to the report, Brewer had kicked the 11-year-old out of her home in the past.

WESH reported that Brewer was issued $2,500 bail for each count and told not to have contact with the 11-year-old. The Ministry for Children and Families is also to investigate the situation.

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