‘Former’ customer slams Taco Bell’s ‘ridiculous’ prices in viral letter

A letter from a “former” Taco Bell customer in Florida denouncing the restaurant’s “ridiculous” prices has gone viral.

A photo of the letter was shared on Reddit’s F**k You Karen forum by an alleged Taco Bell employee using the username u/Kabechet, who wrote, “Interesting letter received today.” The post has more than 52,000 upvotes and Received over 5,000 comments from stunned Redditors, many accusing the client of not understanding inflation.

“I opened letters in the mail at my job today and we received these,” wrote u/Kabechet in the comment section of the post. “The envelope was handwritten and stamped and contained this typed letter.”

In the letter, which was addressed to the store’s owner/manager, the former customer said he would no longer patronize Taco Bell due to the chain’s recent price hikes.

A letter from a “former” Taco Bell employee has gone viral on the internet.

“I’ve been a customer since the 1980s [sic] when I first received my driver[s] license. If I added up the monetary total of all the hard shell tacos eaten, it would be thousands of dollars,” the letter began.

They went on to say that they recently visited the store and ordered three hard shell tacos. However, when told their order would cost more than $5, they said “no thanks” and “went away without buying anything.”

“I remember paying 69 cents for this bad Mexican street food,” they wrote. “I’m done. No more customer. The price is just ridiculous.”

The client concluded his letter by blaming Florida Amendment 2, an amendment aimed at raising the state’s minimum wage to $15/hour by 2026, as the reason for the price hike, adding that it “NOT” would have voted to ratify the amendment.

To support their point, the customer included a photo of a 1999 Taco Bell receipt showing that the price of a taco was once 69 cents. However, several commenters pointed out that the receipt came from a two-month-old Reddit post, leading them to question the legitimacy of the letter.

But u/Kabechet claimed the letter was “genuine,” stating the client likely pulled the image from Google to prove a point.

Of course, since the 1980s, food prices have risen as a result of inflation. Already in November news week announced that U.S. restaurant prices “received their biggest increase since 1981,” citing higher food costs and higher wages for workers.

The war in Ukraine has also had a negative impact on global food prices, as the country, often dubbed the “breadbasket of Europe,” is one of the world’s “four largest grain suppliers” as well as the “world’s largest producer of sunflower oil.”

Unfortunately, experts don’t expect food prices to drop any time soon. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in a report last month that food prices in 2022 are “expected to exceed historical averages and the rate of inflation in 2021.”

Against this background, many angry commentators criticized the client for not understanding inflation.

“I too would happily pay 1999 prices for absolutely everything. Where does this person shop affecting only Taco Bell?” asked u/Here4antimlm.

“This guy is mad that the price of tacos has gone up with inflation but blames a living wage?” commented u/Cutegun.

“Looks like someone doesn’t understand that prices are going up,” wrote u/DryPrion.

Redditor u/drinkalondraughtdown added: “What a bloody curmudgeon. Jeez, I don’t think this person is familiar with the concept of inflation. F**k you Karen and that elephant you rode in.”

news week contacted u/Kabechet for comment.

https://www.newsweek.com/former-customer-slams-taco-bells-ridiculous-prices-viral-letter-1705332 ‘Former’ customer slams Taco Bell’s ‘ridiculous’ prices in viral letter

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