Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends Cast and Character Guide

Created by Powerpuff Girls’ own Craig McCracken, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is a colorful comedy about an orphanage for imaginary friends who have outgrown their creators. The focus of the show is Bloo and Mac; When Mac’s mother decides he’s too old for imaginary friends, the two find Bloo a home at Foster’s. There they meet a variety of strange and crazy friends while looking for a home.

Although it initially seems as if Bloo can only stay with Foster if he is put up for adoption, the owner and founder, Madame Foster, intervenes. She and Mac are kindred spirits – after all, she refused to give up her own fantasy girlfriend – and she is happy to provide Bloo with a more permanent home.

The series ended in 2009 after six seasons and numerous Annie and Emmy Awards. In 2022 this was announced Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends would return to small screens in a slightly different form. The new show will revolve around a group of imaginary preschool friends and will also be aimed at a younger audience.

The original series is a delightful reboot filled with a fun premise, great art direction and, most importantly, a cast of unique characters that make the whole thing tick Foster’s stand out.

Keith Ferguson as Bloo

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Room with a feud
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Bloo (full name Blooregard Q. Kazoo) is a little blue thing, Mac’s imaginary friend and one of the main protagonists of the series. Bloo was created from Mac’s imagination when the boy was three years old. He is Mac’s best friend. He’s mischievous, narcissistic and selfish, but deep down this blue guy would do anything for his friends.

Bloo’s intelligence fluctuates. He is often gullible and even stupid, but every now and then Bloo shows a clever side. He is also an avid paddleball player (the ball on a string), although he never hits the ball – which, according to Bloo, means the paddles are “broken.”

Bloo is voiced by Keith Ferguson in his first major role. From then on, the voice actor’s career took off, and since then he has become an integral part of modern animation Robot chicken, Adventure timeAnd DuckTales (2017). Ferguson is also a well-known video game voice actor, in which he plays both Lord Saladin determination and Reaper in Overwatch.

Sean Marquette as Mac

Dinner at Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is canceled
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Mac, the creator of Bloo and the series’ other protagonist, is an eight-year-old boy. He is smart and particularly mature for his age, which often makes him the voice of reason against Bloo’s crazy antics. After Bloo is allowed to stay at Foster’s, Mac becomes extremely loyal to the house and its residents. But Mac has a problem that gets in the way of his good nature: he can’t have sugar. If he has even the slightest drop of it, Mac loses control, his only desire being to find and consume more candy. In this state he is particularly fast and strong, meaning it is almost impossible to stop him.

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Mac was is voiced throughout the series from Sean Marquette. The voice actor had not yet completed puberty when the show began, meaning his voice continued to develop and deepen over time. To combat this, beginning in Season 2, Marquette’s tone was raised to better match Mac’s original voice. Most recently, Marquette played Johnny Atkins in The Goldbergs and its spin-off, Trained.

Gray DeLisle as Frankie

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Frankie Cheese
Cartoon Network Studios

Someone has to look after the hundreds of imaginary friends that roam Foster’s halls, and unfortunately for them, that job falls to Frankie. As the granddaughter of Madame Foster, Frankie has a strong connection to home and its values.

Frankie can be short-tempered and often clashes with the home’s director, Mr. Herriman, but still works hard to keep Foster’s running. Although she hates the dirtier aspects of her job, Frankie is passionate about helping residents find a permanent home with a child in need.

Foster’s Creator Craig McCracken based Frankie on his wife and cartoonist Lauren Faust. Frankie is voiced by Animation veteran Gray deli. She is known for her role as Princess Azula Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Candi Milo as Madame Foster

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends The Big Picture
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The eccentric little old lady who started it all is Foster’s owner, Madame Foster. Like Mac, Martha Foster didn’t want to lose her imaginary friend just because she got older; Instead, Foster kept her friend and teamed up with him to help other friends in need. Unlike her stuffy imaginary friend, Madame Foster is brave, energetic and isn’t afraid to break a few rules if she has to.

Madame Foster is portrayed by Candi Milo, who voices several other characters in the series, including Coco and Cheese. Milo is no stranger to playing older women: she played Dr. Nora Wakeman In My life as a teenage robotand was grandma in Looney Tunes Real estate since 2017.

Tom Kane as Mr. Herriman

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Mr. Herriman Bloo
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Mr. Herriman is the big, distinguished bunny who runs Foster’s Home. Unlike his bubbly and mischievous creator, Mr. Herriman is a strict rule follower who is happiest when everything is in order. Although Herriman’s organized nature makes him excellent at running Foster’s, coupled with his age, Mr. Herriman finds it difficult to connect with his imaginary friends.

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Over the years, Mr. Herriman remains a loyal friend of Madame Foster and often even acts overprotective, much to Foster’s chagrin. But when she needs him most, Mr. Herriman is always there to perform her favorite “Funny Bunny” dance, even if it completely embarrasses the bunny.

Mr. Herriman is voiced by a retired voice actor Tom Kanewhose credits include Professor Utonium/HIM in The Powerpuff Girls and Lord Monkey Fist in Kim Possible.

Phil LaMarr as Wilt

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Who Are Better Ed
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When Mac and Bloo first arrive at Foster’s, one of the first friends they meet is Wilt, the tall, red, basketball-themed friend who is often too nice for his own good. Wilt finds it difficult to reject others, even when their wishes conflict with his own wishes – Bloo often uses this to his advantage.

Despite his appearance, Wilt is an excellent athlete: he was created by a little boy named Jordan Michaels to help him become a better basketball player. As Jordan’s talent skyrocketed, a jealous player invented his own imaginary friend, Foul Larry, who destroyed Wilt during a game, leaving him with his current appearance.

Wilt is voiced by prolific voice actor Phil LaMarr, the voice of Samurai Jack. LaMarr is also known for his roles as John Stewart in Green Lantern Justice League And Justice League: Unlimited and Hermes Konrad in Futurama.

Candi Milo as Coco

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Mondo Coco
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Another member of Bloo and Mac’s best friends at Foster’s is Coco, the friendly but mentally disturbed bird friend. Part palm tree, part airplane: Coco was discovered on a deserted island by two nerdy scientists; She was created by a little girl who got lost on the island, but nothing else is known about Coco’s creator.

Coco can only say one word, “Coco,” which the people around her may or may not understand. Every time the bird gets excited, it lays plastic eggs that can contain just about anything (money, food, tickets, etc.). Although Coco is overall a loving and loyal friend, she can cause trouble thanks to her over-the-top personality.

This is what lies behind all these different “coconuts”. Candi Milothe same actress who portrays Madame Foster.

Tom Kenny as Eduardo

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends This is where money is exchanged
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Rounding out Bloo and Mac’s main group of friends at Foster’s is Eduardo, the big purple monster. Contrary to his somewhat frightening appearance, Eduardo wouldn’t harm a fly; In fact, he’s too afraid of them. Eduardo is sweet and shy, but he still has enormous powers that he likes to accidentally use in response to something scary.

A little Latina girl created the monster friend, and as a result, Eduardo speaks a mix of English and Spanish. The little girl Nina created Eduardo to fight off her bullies. Instead, her imaginary friend teaches Nina how to protect herself and others.

Eduardo was voiced by Tom Kennyalso known as Spongebob Squarepants.

Candi Milo as cheese

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Cheese
Cartoon Network Studios

Cheese is Chaos incarnate, an unintelligent, childlike imaginary friend who cannot be controlled. During Cheese’s first appearance, Mac incorrectly assumes that he created the little yellow guy in his sleep; In reality, Cheese was invented by Mac’s neighbor Louise. Cheese regularly screams, whines, and repeats himself to get his way, which everyone around him can’t stand. Despite his name and the constant demand for chocolate milk, Cheese is lactose intolerant.

Because of his annoying behavior and general unpleasantness, the residents of Foster’s don’t like having him around. Unfortunately for her, the series finale ends with Louise moving into an apartment where Cheese isn’t allowed, meaning he’s stuck with Foster until someone equally strange shows up to adopt him.

Madame Foster and Coco actress Candi Milo Cheese also speaks.

Tara Strong as Terrence

Foster's home for imaginary friends Terrence
Cartoon Network Studios

Terrence, the bane of Mac’s existence and likely the cause of Bloo’s existence, is Mac’s cruel bully of an older brother. Foster’s It starts with Terrence terrorizing his little brother and imaginary friend. So it’s clear that Bloo was created in part to even the odds. Terrence hates Bloo so much that he wants nothing more than for his brother and Bloo to never see each other again.

In the series premiere, “House of Bloos”, Terrence discovers that Mac Bloo still regularly visits Foster’s, leading him to team up with Duchess, one of the house’s most disliked residents, to take down the bruiser once and for all.

Terrence is voiced by the award-winning animation icon Tara Strong.

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