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Full-size white keyboards are already an unusual occurrence, so it was great news to hear that Genesis recently released a 60% white keyboard! The Thor 660 aims to create a level playing field, Offers a pristine look and well-oiled, responsive keys for significantly less than you would pay for a white Anne Pro 2 or Huntsman Mini. Is it any good? Dive into our Genesis Thor 660 White review and see for yourself!

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

A look at the table below already provides ample insight into the essence of the Thor 660. It focuses on portability, connectivity and fast typing.

Dimensions 11.5″x4″x1.5″
weight 1.3 pounds
Type 60%
Switch Gateron Red
actuation point 2mm
operating force 45g
connection type usb, bluetooth
battery 3,000mAh
cable length 4’11”

Packaging & Connectivity

Packaging & Connectivity

The Thor 660 White comes in a sturdy box with few embellishments befitting its minimalist nature. The keyboard takes center stage, and attention is drawn to its switches and RGB capabilities. It comes with two keycap removers and a standard-size USB cable, but that’s not the only connection option.

You can wirelessly connect the Thor 660 to three devices via Bluetooth and switch between them with left ctrl, alt and shift keys. A valuable feature if you want to type efficiently on your phone or share your last chicken dinner with your PlayStation friends. Most motherboards these days also have Bluetooth, so wireless gaming on a PC is a viable option if you don’t mind the slight increase in latency.

A 3,000 mAh battery enables the keyboard last several days in wireless mode. However, the exact duration depends on your RGB preference We managed to use it for more than a week before charging. The light turns off after some inactivity, and a switch on the bottom lets you turn it off entirely to save even more juice.

build quality and appearance

build quality and appearance

The Thor 660 White is Genesis’ smallest keyboard to date. It’s a 60% model, which means that The function bar, the number keys on the right side and the arrow area are missing in favor of compactness. That limits instant access to extras like multimedia controls or macros, but makes the keyboard much more portable.

The size has little impact on the build quality since the keyboard is made of sturdy plastic. It’s tall for its size and tilted down for a more comfortable typing experience. Four wide feet ensure it stays in place even if you get carried away while playing.

build quality

There are 61 keys in total, almost all of which serve multiple functions. The row of numbers is the busiest as it contains commonly used symbols along with function keys. In the row below you will find integrated brightness and color controls and in the third row the multimedia keys. The font is modern and easy to read. Round letters and numbers also have subtle breaks that give them a distinctive look.

The keycaps are double-shot and made of pudding PBT. Its sides are translucent, making the light more concentrated and vivid. The brightness of the keys makes the colors stand out even more in the white version. Still, the glow isn’t overwhelming and becomes much less visible in strong lighting.

Switch & typing experience

Switch & typing experience

It’s time for our Genesis Thor 660 review to delve into one of its core features – the Gateron Red switch at the heart of every key. They resemble Cherry MXs of the same color that they are player-centric, fast, and relatively quiet for a mechanical keyboard.

After spending some time with the Thor, We’d argue that the Gaterons are on par, if not better, than their more popular counterparts. They don’t produce the kind of grating noise you’d associate with MX switches, and pressing a button feels softer. Genesis did an excellent job oiling the keys, resulting in a seamless experience and less noise.


Like MX Reds, Gateron Reds have switches an actuation travel of 2 mm and require only 45 g of force register a press. They’re linear, so the tactile bump you’d get with blue switches is absent. Users who type a lot will not be penalized, while gamers can double-tap to their heart’s content or immediately respond to a threat.


Photo credit: Genesis

The Thor 660 White is accompanied by a simple but usable program that covers all your basic needs. The user interface supports multiple profiles and is divided into four tabs. The button setting provides an overview of the layout and allows you to change the functions of almost every button. This can be anything from remapping to a different format like DVORAK, to macros and combinations, to running a specific program with a single keystroke.

Lighting is all about adjusting colors and effects. You can choose from 19 effects and adjust their color, speed and direction. Game mode is invaluable for those prone to hitting the wrong buttons in the heat of battle. You can set it up so that combinations like Alt + TAB & F4 or the Windows key don’t work. Finally, there is the macro editor. It works with keyboard shortcuts, but also takes into account mouse events and delays.



Genesis deserves credit for putting together an excellent 60% keyboard. It cleverly bridges the line between price and quality, offering a well-balanced typing experience that generalists and gamers alike will enjoy. You give up some flexibility when you go the 60% route. Still, the smaller footprint and competent feature switching bring freedoms that will outweigh the limitations of the format for many. Genesis Thor 660 Review – WhatIfGaming

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