Girls run a raunchy and hilarious new fight club

What efforts would your high school self go through to achieve a certain elusive goal before graduation? We’ve seen it in setbacks like american cake And Very bad. But with the new LGBTQ+ sex comedy bottoms, whose title may or may not have perverted connotations, aspiring actress Rachel Sennott and her equally hilarious co-star Ayo Edebiri – their hit show The bear is poised for countless Emmy Awards this season – taking the popular subgenre to new heights thanks to relentlessly hilarious one-liners, a slew of hilarious side-acts by both boys and girls, and a heartfelt message that ultimately expresses friendship and community.

Who said parody is dead?

“You are not a feminist; it is your favorite show entourage.” That’s just one of the most memorable quotes from bottoms, which follows high school seniors PJ (Sennott) and Josie (Edebiri), an unlikely lesbian duo determined to score with their school crush until they get their diplomas. The kicker? They don’t quite know where to start when it comes to flirting. They are also bullied; Watch how they don’t even think twice when their lockers are routinely painted with nasty swear words. Even the principal has no problem blaming her for her sexual orientation in front of the whole school.

And this is where a special kind of comedy, reminiscent of classics such as , really comes to the fore Not another teen movie. Who said parody is dead? Hey Mel Brooks’ History of the World: Part II is up for Emmys this season while we’re at it. So clearly not! bottoms holds nothing back as it satirizes modern high school tropes, including the typical “star quarterback” persona we’ve seen time and time again. Here his name is Jeff (the name can be seen almost everywhere in the school) and is perfectly played by Nicholas Galitzine (Cinderella). Just seeing the rest of his team and the entire school bow down to him will make you laugh.

When it comes to parody, no one is safe — and that includes acclaimed filmmaker David Fincher. The whole premise of bottoms The focus is on a “fight club” founded by PJ and Josie, an after-school group dedicated to teaching girls how to defend themselves. One of the members even mentions Fincher by name in the film, but in the end that’s more flattery than parody. The dirty secret behind this fight club is PJ and Josie’s ulterior motive: They see it as a way to connect with the cheerleaders they have a crush on, one of whom is dating Jeff, the quarterback.

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Seniors make things ‘so complicated’

Cast of Bottoms (2023)

PJ and Josie’s incredibly bizarre plan works — until it doesn’t. First, it manages to catch the attention of it girl Brittany (Kaia Gerber) and her squad of popular pals. The hard R-Rated bottoms nothing holds back as the members of the fight club fight senselessly in the school gym.

One small caveat: the main reason the club was formed is because the two leads lied to everyone, claiming they “went to Juvey.” Josie’s imaginative ramblings lead to her telling everyone that she once “beat a girl until she was dead”. One of her classmates then replies with absolute dryness, “So…you killed her.” It’s fun little moments like this that make PJ and Josie walk the fine line to look badass without overdoing it. ..

And as soon as the jealous soccer players find out, they try to poke holes in the club and expose PJ and Josie’s lies. And if so, how about a retro pop song to help clarify the picture? Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” runs during PJ and Josie’s “All Is Lost” sequence in Act III. For one thing, Brittany isn’t pleased when she learns about the lies her crush told PJ and if Gerber lands more hit movie roles in the future , she can thank the authors bottoms for making it possible. When a distraught PJ asks Brittany to come back to the club, Brittany says, “In your dreams! I hope you don’t have any… Yes, I hope when you sleep it’s just… darkness.”

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Emma Seligman and Rachel Sennott have done it again

Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri in Bottoms (2023)

Meanwhile, the hunks hold their own in a movie that’s fittingly dominated by girl power. Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch gets the role of his life teaching – actually, it’s hard to tell what subject he’s teaching. You’ll understand what we mean, especially after witnessing the endless, outrageous “enlightening” messages he writes on his classroom blackboard every day. In the theater where bottoms During the screening, people couldn’t stop laughing at these snippets.

Finally, needless to say, young star Nicholas Galitzine has some great comedic talents and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for him next. Don’t let him get melancholic Red, White and Royal Blue throw yourself off He steals most if not all of his scenes as Jeff the narcissistic quarterback. And notice the scene at the beginning where the girls “hit” him with their car. It’s physical comedy at its finest, and since the film is full of other equally hilarious moments, that’s possible bottoms could be this summer’s next surprise hit.

That was certainly the case with star Rachel Sennott and director Emma Seligman’s last film, The Wonderful Shiva babyand we think bottoms has even more potential.

Out of mgm, bottoms will be shown in selected cinemas on Friday.

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