GOP contestant says life begins before conception, even in rape cases

A Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s governor has called for a total ban on abortion with no exceptions, while arguing that life begins “before” conception.

Mark Sherwood, a naturopath and former police officer, said Thursday he hopes to get the Oklahoma state legislature to ban abortion completely if elected. Sherwood is one of at least three Republican candidates hoping to unseat incumbent Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt when the state’s GOP primary is held on June 28.

Sherwood, who was adopted, said Real America’s Voice host David Brody in a segment for Thursday The water cooler that his biological mother had probably been raped before he was born. He suggested that abortion should be banned even for pregnancies beginning in the “most heinous” circumstances, before citing a Bible verse to explain his belief that life begins “before” pregnancy.

“No life, even conceived under the most abhorrent or less than ideal circumstances, is a mistake,” Sherwood said. “As I sit here and speak to you, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that even the people who are pro-choice are not mistakes.”

Abortion ban in Oklahoma No exemptions before conception
Republican Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Mark Sherwood hopes to eliminate all exceptions to an abortion ban, arguing that life begins “before” conception. A person is killed during a protest in San Francisco, California on March 3.

“Everyone has a goal,” he continued. “Jeremiah 1:5: ‘I knew you before you were created in the womb.’ So I believe life in God begins before it begins at conception.”

On Wednesday night, Stitt signed into law what is already one of the toughest anti-abortion rights laws in the country – banning the procedure in nearly all cases from the time of conception, except for cases where rape or incest is reported to law enforcement and when it is necessary to save the mother’s life.

Sherwood pledged to go further if elected, to abolish all abortions and criminalize the procedure as a felony murder. He further acknowledged that abortions would likely continue even if a total ban took place, while comparing unauthorized abortions to the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school massacre.

“We’re going to make abortion abolition law immediately, with no exceptions,” Sherwood said. “You cannot legislate morality. people will commit crimes. They will kill, as the shooting at Uvalde showed. I mean, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

“Evil is present in this world,” he added. “Will it stop abortion completely, by people’s choices? no But do we have to create laws that match the punishment, that match the crime? Yes. And when we do, God’s blessing hand will be back on this land.”

Sherwood’s hope of eliminating all exceptions to an abortion ban hinges on first pulling off a primary flurry about Stitt, who is way ahead in polls. The bill, which Stitt signed into law on Wednesday, is likely to survive any legal challenges due to the expected upcoming reversal by the Supreme Court Roe v. calf.

news week reached out to the Sherwood campaign for comment. GOP contestant says life begins before conception, even in rape cases

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